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Metal Detecting Forum

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OK....Fess Up! What Was A Big Blooper Which Happened To You Metal Detecting :rofl:? Gif Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by John-Edmonton
2,950 2209/30/2017 12:25PM
Last Post by D&P-OR

Fall Colors Are Sooooo Spectacular! :super: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
527 109/29/2017 10:18PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Got A First...A Partially Started Coin Ring And A Silver Ring. What Are The Chances:shrug: Jpeg Attachments PDF Attachments

by John-Edmonton
793 709/29/2017 06:57PM
Last Post by dfmike

What Is The Average Depth Old Coins Are Found In Your Area?   (Pages: 1 2)

by John-Edmonton
3,269 3009/29/2017 12:14PM
Last Post by Jason in Enid

First time fooled by gray silver in 693 pulls Jpeg Attachments

by marcomo
1,077 1009/29/2017 10:56AM
Last Post by Jason in Enid
This topic has been moved.

Minelab repairs

by GeorgeinSC
   This topic has been moved.

New Minelab   (Pages: 1 ... 5 6 7)

by smkunder
10,349 10109/28/2017 12:56PM
Last Post by Jason in Enid

Too Hot and Dry to Detect

627 409/28/2017 07:41AM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Ground penetrating radar?   (Pages: 1 2)

by JJames1610
2,286 2109/27/2017 09:44PM
Last Post by Mega

Deus vs Equinox on small gold Jpeg Attachments

by Charles (Upstate NY)
1,390 809/27/2017 07:56PM
Last Post by Charles (Upstate NY)

Wireless Headphone Shortcut

by Architex
470 109/27/2017 06:04PM
Last Post by Architex
This topic has been moved.

Deus vs Equinox on small gold Jpeg Attachments

by Charles (Upstate NY)
   This topic has been moved.

New Detector offerings.

by fowlercharles
745 409/26/2017 09:36PM
Last Post by fowlercharles

Equinox Design - Did they get it right? Png Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Rich (Utah)
4,162 4109/26/2017 10:50AM
Last Post by Rich (Utah)

AN/PSS14 Mine Detector with Ground Radar

by vlad
581 409/23/2017 09:42PM
Last Post by Tom_in_CA

Minelab Equinox 800 revealed/exclusive depth check - YouTube

by Hastings
1,601 809/21/2017 01:30AM
Last Post by hairymonsterman

If Metal Detecting Is A Sport...Here's My 2 Day Relay....:starwars: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
607 509/20/2017 11:23AM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Which Gold detector is better to take to Rye Patch, Nevada? Tdi or and ATX

by jimmyzr1
496 209/20/2017 10:05AM
Last Post by MI-AuAg

Is the equinox deus fast?? Video Attachments

by calabash digger
986 709/19/2017 07:29PM
Last Post by calabash digger

Fortune - M Metal Detector.

by Doctorcoinz
514 109/19/2017 03:17PM
Last Post by Doctorcoinz

Got 3 Rings With The AT MAX In The Water Today - White Gold And Silver!:super: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
555 409/18/2017 05:03PM
Last Post by vlad

Minelab Equinox info & videos   (Pages: 1 2)

by Hastings
3,338 2209/17/2017 06:28PM
Last Post by calabash digger

Just for fun, and our enjoyment ..............   (Pages: 1 2)

by Elton
2,139 2109/15/2017 10:09PM
Last Post by Elton

Ever have to shift your pattern because of a walker?

by Dancer
874 809/15/2017 07:47PM
Last Post by pan4au


by BarryL
514 309/15/2017 07:34PM
Last Post by BarryL

Got The Mother Of All Petrified Wood & Vintage (I Love Lucy) Lipstick! :biggrin: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
1,105 1209/13/2017 09:46AM
Last Post by vlad

Well......If You Can't Find Them :angry:.....Make Them!:smoke: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
693 609/13/2017 09:26AM
Last Post by Elton


by calabash digger
1,299 809/13/2017 08:00AM
Last Post by calabash digger

Minelab Treasure Talk - How to Clean and Preserve Your Finds URL

by MLA Jamie
476 109/12/2017 03:25PM
Last Post by MLA Jamie

Could Be My Last Water Hunt Tonite Wearing A Wet-suit....:surrender: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
644 309/08/2017 11:24PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton