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by Jimsteff
268 405/07/2005 08:14AM
Last Post by grave digger max

Mine Lab repair time!!!!

by Tom Weaver
310 405/07/2005 12:59AM
Last Post by Jim Vokes NY

WOT Waterproof?

by Jimsteff
247 205/06/2005 10:59PM
Last Post by DOC

The Soldier & The Wall

by AJupstateNY
232 205/06/2005 10:57PM
Last Post by DOC

Todays find

by AJupstateNY
259 405/06/2005 08:23PM
Last Post by AJupstateNY

Speaking of How Deep,When do you give up on a target?

by mac1doc
397 805/06/2005 03:00PM
Last Post by BillinMASS

Anyone out there live in the Lewes, Delaware area?

by mac1doc
189 205/06/2005 06:53AM
Last Post by Don[MD]

The surf zone treats the explorer II to a very rare treat on tues.

by grave digger max
292 505/06/2005 04:13AM
Last Post by william king

Sunday's digs...

by NealNoINIronBrigade
376 1005/05/2005 10:51PM
Last Post by Ric

Mission Accomplished ! Sgt. Ski sent me his email this morning, I will have to send the package to the APO address but it will catch up with him I am sure.

by DOC
241 405/05/2005 10:48PM
Last Post by Ric

A lot of people move too fast to get a lot of depth too..

by Woody
429 705/05/2005 10:40PM
Last Post by Ric

What is the deepest coin you have found

by Don in mississauga
910 1505/05/2005 05:58PM
Last Post by clarence

Doc--Great gesture for our guys out there---

by Fred D.Upstste N.Y.
142 105/05/2005 03:14PM
Last Post by Fred D.Upstste N.Y.

Weight, Ergonomics and cures...

by Dan-Pa.
257 305/05/2005 03:02PM
Last Post by mikel

ATTENTION ALL ! Anyone who knows Sarge's address email me immediately ... Image Attachments

by DOC
320 605/05/2005 08:05AM
Last Post by DOC

I went back out and got a surprise find.... Image Attachments

by Jim C (Mich)
457 605/04/2005 09:32PM
Last Post by Frase44

Here's all the finds from my 2 week leave from Iraq Image Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by SgtSki in MI
1,102 2005/04/2005 09:27PM
Last Post by Frase44

Testing out a new coil on my Explorer II.....

by Digger
263 405/04/2005 09:22PM
Last Post by Frase44

Lots of posts on Depth

by Jim upstate NY
256 505/04/2005 01:32PM
Last Post by clarence

Recent Finds

by Chris(SoCenWI)
447 805/04/2005 06:50AM
Last Post by Gunswinger

any one read

by div4gold (don stl)
261 405/04/2005 06:13AM
Last Post by div4gold (don stl)

hey explorer experts i have a question

by richie
719 1305/03/2005 10:38PM
Last Post by davedigs

ID Token Help

by sapient
325 705/03/2005 06:30PM
Last Post by sapient

More Ghost Town Finds...

by Robin (MI)
363 705/03/2005 02:46PM
Last Post by NealNoINIronBrigade

Monday Evening Finds

by WessThompson
414 905/03/2005 11:25AM
Last Post by johny mc.-pennsy

Got Me a Key Date Barber Dime Today

by Jeff in Mass
388 805/03/2005 06:30AM
Last Post by Don/Michigan

Local finds today

by AJupstateNY
350 705/02/2005 11:00PM
Last Post by Gary in Central Va

Info on Headphones for the Explorer XS??

by WessThompson
830 1305/02/2005 10:26PM
Last Post by Gord SW Ont

Cople of early coppers and laid the platypus to rest

by Jim upstate NY
410 705/02/2005 05:28PM
Last Post by Charles - Upstate NY

deep,rusty square nails

by Todd(so.wi)
718 1505/02/2005 03:50PM
Last Post by Coinshooter2