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AnnouncementPicture of Egytian funerary Sarcophagas Ushabti, 1800 B.C., Luxor area. Donated by Vlad. Contest for it to follow...12/26/2016 10:26AM
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National Register of Historic Places

by SeattleALE
1,062 211/11/2004 05:47PM
Last Post by SeattleALE

cx plus?

373 111/11/2004 08:44AM
Last Post by LISANDRO

Heres a Detecting trick i like to play on my friend Image Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by bk
3,184 2111/11/2004 01:05AM
Last Post by bk

Large Cent

by NY Michael
448 211/11/2004 12:07AM
Last Post by bk

Threshold Question

by Don in SJ
1,558 1011/10/2004 08:46PM
Last Post by Snuff


by NY Michael
387 111/10/2004 07:31PM
Last Post by NY Michael

C.C. Chat is OOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!

by Matt in NH
384 111/10/2004 07:06PM
Last Post by Matt in NH

target list

by todd9146
620 311/10/2004 06:46PM
Last Post by Andy Sabisch

Minelab's new Quattro Image Attachments URL

by David@DixieMetalDetectors; Stonewall
628 311/10/2004 03:20PM
Last Post by Andy Sabisch

CHAT TONIGHT AT 8PM EASTERN.........this means you C.C.

by Matt in NH
514 211/10/2004 02:25PM
Last Post by C.C.

Taylors SC

by Tom in Upstate NY
414 111/10/2004 12:28PM
Last Post by Tom in Upstate NY

Another swing before freeze up Image Attachments

by C.C.
1,328 811/10/2004 11:46AM
Last Post by C.C.

The winners of the Finds of the Month contest are:

by Guvner..
791 511/10/2004 10:58AM
Last Post by Snuff

CHECK one off the want to find list Image Attachments

by don in mass
987 711/09/2004 10:45PM
Last Post by Jamie(MI)

To safely remove hardened Green Grunge on old Copper coins . . .

by Tony (Michigan thumb)
2,891 1111/09/2004 06:14PM
Last Post by Tony N (Michigan)*

Threshld NULL, very long and for the faint of heart.

by cody
1,621 811/09/2004 05:53PM
Last Post by Marc in VA

last 2 months finds

by Ray(macon,GA)
850 611/09/2004 03:31PM
Last Post by Ray(Macon, GA)

Hunting areas Sanford NC

by AJupstateNY
407 111/09/2004 12:05PM
Last Post by AJupstateNY


by Stan Paling
1,474 1111/09/2004 11:48AM
Last Post by AJupstateNY

Why wont the clevis bolt on the Excellerator 5 inch coil

by themantexkinsey
574 411/09/2004 10:32AM
Last Post by themantexkinsey


by Ron (CA)
451 211/09/2004 05:33AM
Last Post by Scott Morrell ( ihuntrelics! )

Post your October Find's of the Month under this post all day tomorrow. Vote Saturday... One relic, coin and jewelry entry. No previous winners of a category this calender year.   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by Guvner..
5,762 5311/09/2004 01:44AM
Last Post by Guvner..

Old Oxcart Trail Search

by BrettV.(MN)
628 311/08/2004 11:40PM
Last Post by Chris(SoCenWI)

nulling help

by todd9146
892 711/08/2004 09:48PM
Last Post by mayumi12


by ktc
485 211/08/2004 08:24PM
Last Post by David@DixieMetalDetectors; Stonewall

Found a KEY DATE Barber today!!!!! Wooo Hooo....... Image Attachments

by Don/Michigan/XS
1,411 1311/08/2004 07:34PM
Last Post by Don/Michigan/XS

Detecting fun in the freezing rain Image Attachments

by C.C.
1,284 1011/08/2004 07:01PM
Last Post by Scott Morrell ( ihuntrelics! )


by Diane
872 611/08/2004 05:02PM
Last Post by C.C.

Nice 2 piece Eagle button found.

by TomCentCal
544 211/08/2004 02:41PM
Last Post by C.C.

I've got ya beat by a nose on silvers this year Chris 170...but I think you're whipping my quanitity with quality... Image Attachments

by Snuff
527 211/08/2004 12:39PM
Last Post by Chris(SoCenWI)