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AnnouncementBe on the Lookout: Minelab GOLD MONSTER 1000 is out06/23/2017 01:52PM
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Barber Half

by Paul
1,416 1011/07/2004 09:39PM
Last Post by Rick(ND)

Finds from 11/7/04 Image Attachments

by Scott Morrell ( ihuntrelics! )
381 111/07/2004 08:42PM
Last Post by Scott Morrell ( ihuntrelics! )

Wanted, Detecting Buddy

by Ernie
502 311/07/2004 06:58PM
Last Post by C.C.

explorer help Image Attachments

by todd9146
2,498 1511/07/2004 06:51PM
Last Post by todd9146

Reports from the field on the Quattro

by Jerry Talley
857 511/07/2004 05:10PM
Last Post by Sean Goddard

Here's a link to where to vote you don't need a password for...

by Guvner..
493 211/07/2004 04:26PM
Last Post by C.C.

last 2 months finds

by Ray(macon,GA)
452 111/07/2004 04:07PM
Last Post by Ray(macon,GA)

Please go vote for the Find of the Month. I deleted 3 late entries. Here's the link...

by Guvner..
597 311/07/2004 04:05PM
Last Post by Guvner..

20 more silver to go... Image Attachments

by Chris(SoCenWI)
731 511/07/2004 11:24AM
Last Post by nate-wi

Stan's Ex II find today

by Tony (Michigan thumb)
1,210 711/07/2004 08:54AM
Last Post by Stan Paling

Most recent finds Image Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by C.C.
2,101 1811/07/2004 07:24AM
Last Post by AJupstateNY

Bling Bling Image Attachments

by Robert(Utah)
1,255 1011/07/2004 07:21AM
Last Post by AJupstateNY

Found a good one today... Image Attachments

by Jim Campbell
1,563 1011/07/2004 07:01AM
Last Post by Bill W.

Todays Finds

by Scott Morrell ( ihuntrelics! )
574 311/07/2004 06:37AM
Last Post by Scott Morrell ( ihuntrelics! )


by Matt in NH
542 311/06/2004 07:07PM
Last Post by Ernie

Todays Finds

by AJupstateNY
609 311/06/2004 06:45PM
Last Post by Tony (Michigan thumb)

Last chance to post your Find's of the Month for October. Only one Jewelry find... Could be a win be default... Voting tomorrow...

by Guvner..
706 411/06/2004 06:37PM
Last Post by NealNoINIronBrigade

Found two plates today- Bank Plates

by Don in SJ
598 211/06/2004 05:03PM
Last Post by C.C.

Has anyone had luck detecting the muddy areas between rivers and the river bank

by bk
769 411/06/2004 10:59AM
Last Post by bk

Detecting large targets Image Attachments

by Don in mississauga
1,204 511/06/2004 08:59AM
Last Post by cody


by marsias
942 411/05/2004 10:28PM
Last Post by Arturo de Zorro

Re: Question everyone, What Category should a Hard Times Token be in? As a Coin or a Relic   (Pages: 1 2)

by Philo_NY
4,275 2011/05/2004 04:31PM
Last Post by C.C.


by Jim upstate NY
2,537 1211/05/2004 02:19PM
Last Post by C.C.

WOT question Image Attachments

by AJupstateNY
1,102 611/05/2004 02:14PM
Last Post by AJupstateNY


by AJupstateNY
740 311/05/2004 11:32AM
Last Post by AJupstateNY

Any ideas Image Attachments

by AJupstateNY
1,472 1011/05/2004 11:18AM
Last Post by AJupstateNY

Pittsburg PA area hunters

by Dan (IL)
486 211/05/2004 11:15AM
Last Post by Dan (IL)

Silver and gold from the lakeshore....

by NealNoINIronBrigade
742 411/05/2004 09:43AM
Last Post by Pulltabby

USA (kind of long) Image Attachments

by Arron(upstateNY)
2,012 1311/05/2004 07:52AM
Last Post by Colby

Quattro MP Manual?

by Mike(Mi)
540 211/04/2004 11:24PM
Last Post by DOC