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Steve Herschbach will moderate the newly named Prospecting Forum.

Steve is a life-long Alaskan who got started prospecting and metal detecting in 1972. He became a dealer for metal detecting and prospecting equipment in 1976 and has for decades answered almost any question imaginable on the subjects. Steve has always kept a prospecting business as a sideline and currently has mining claims through three different partnerships. He has used virtually every model of prospecting detector and has thousands of hours of experience with suction dredges. Steve and his partner sold their business to their employees in 2010 and so he is now focusing his efforts on his new website at


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The "Prospecting" Forum

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Thanx Doc

by alaskaseeker
579 209/01/2005 09:38PM
Last Post by DOC

New Lithium Ion Battery and Regulator - The SWITCH Image Attachments

by DOC
1,077 508/31/2005 08:53PM
Last Post by ~LARGO~

WOO HOO - Get that deep gold at an unbelievable price plus a BONUS ! Image Attachments URL

by DOC
1,517 508/31/2005 04:48PM
Last Post by DOC

any new videos?

by jim lamp'l
2,279 1108/30/2005 09:02PM
Last Post by DOC

southern oregon gold

by jessemxt
448 108/30/2005 08:01PM
Last Post by jessemxt

Old timers trash and new gold.

by lemons
983 408/30/2005 06:23PM
Last Post by FlakMagnet

Lithium Ion Regulator Packages shipped today Priority Mail

by DOC
400 208/29/2005 10:57PM
Last Post by Sharp Rock Jerry

Thank the Lord - Lithium Ion regulators have cleared customs URL

by DOC
1,933 708/28/2005 12:20AM
Last Post by Sharp Rock Jerry

Lithium Ion battery Update

by DOC
1,188 508/26/2005 11:32AM
Last Post by lemons

Any news on the lithium ion battery setups??

by ~LARGO~
513 208/25/2005 06:47PM
Last Post by FlakMagnet

Hey Doc, any updates on the new boots??N/T

by Butch in Colorado
1,454 808/25/2005 01:46AM
Last Post by Grubstake

Backslaps, Gossip and Comments

by pdeere
608 208/24/2005 10:11PM
Last Post by DOC

Anybody ever hear of a modified Goldmaster II

by colt
848 308/22/2005 07:14PM
Last Post by colt

No gold but Jpeg Attachments

by Allen in MT
2,221 1108/21/2005 05:36PM

Re-inventing the wheel, er, Lithium Battery Pack ! Image Attachments URL Doc Attachments

by DOC
2,953 708/19/2005 03:36PM
Last Post by RD, Indio

I wonder if there's any more like that here? Jpeg Attachments

by Digger Bob
1,100 308/18/2005 03:03PM
Last Post by Digger Bob

Worlds largest gold bar Jpeg Attachments

by Allen in MT
1,099 308/17/2005 11:50PM
Last Post by Grubstake

Hey, look at that! Jpeg Attachments

by Digger Bob
639 108/17/2005 12:27PM
Last Post by Digger Bob

Aw shucks. Jpeg Attachments

by Digger Bob
538 108/17/2005 12:25PM
Last Post by Digger Bob

Hey, what's that next to that there dime? Jpeg Attachments

by Digger Bob
560 108/17/2005 12:23PM
Last Post by Digger Bob

Cool hole Gomer! Let me take a closer look! Jpeg Attachments

by Digger Bob
537 108/17/2005 12:20PM
Last Post by Digger Bob

Hey Goober! Look at this neat hole I just dug! Jpeg Attachments

by Digger Bob
489 108/17/2005 12:18PM
Last Post by Digger Bob

Hey Doc

by shep
1,119 508/17/2005 07:25AM
Last Post by IronMike

Our prayers and thoughts are with Wayne and his family.

by DOC
499 208/16/2005 12:26AM
Last Post by az4au

Did you know Jpeg Attachments

by Allen in MT
479 108/15/2005 03:36PM
Last Post by Allen in MT

Just Another Hot Day

by Alabama
347 108/12/2005 05:37PM
Last Post by Alabama

Thanks Doc, 2 1/2 days delivery.....

by VT Dave
337 108/12/2005 08:30AM
Last Post by VT Dave

Lithium Battery Jpeg Attachments

by joeforthegold
445 108/12/2005 03:01AM
Last Post by joeforthegold

Hey Joe for the Gold, why don't you tell everyone about the prototype you hunted with when you took me out and how nice and light it was, and how it performed, being I will have them in stock in about a week, we might as well get them all salivating !N/T Jpeg Attachments

by DOC
1,277 408/11/2005 10:35PM
Last Post by joeforthegold

OK DOC, looks like Joe For the Gold is not going to post on your new thingie

by Grubstake
386 108/11/2005 08:44PM
Last Post by Grubstake