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Spectra V3 / V3i / VX3 Forum

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Anyone using the 9" concentric for the VX3?

by woodchiphustler
3,354 701/18/2016 04:39PM
Last Post by JEF

A good find that could have been left behind.::surprised: Jpeg Attachments

by LS hunter
3,005 701/11/2016 10:41AM
Last Post by Blind Squirrel

Short hunt in the non-winter midwest Jpeg Attachments

by Aurium
3,165 901/05/2016 02:43PM
Last Post by Aurium

VX3 for gold prospecting ???

by St Bernard
2,084 601/04/2016 08:58PM
Last Post by MI-AuAg

Silver Drought Ends! Jpeg Attachments

by Blind Squirrel
4,884 1201/01/2016 12:56PM
Last Post by Blind Squirrel

I'm back!

by LS hunter
2,507 612/29/2015 07:15PM
Last Post by JRV

Found a 1989 penny.Why is it bigger than other penny's ?N/T Jpeg Attachments

by Mikermanning
2,059 412/28/2015 01:30PM
Last Post by PostalTwo

programing without coil

by Tbone1
2,317 612/28/2015 08:44AM
Last Post by Tbone1

2 Tokens Jpeg Attachments

by texjim
3,431 712/21/2015 04:46PM
Last Post by Blind Squirrel

Still digging weather here - a few fertilized finds Jpeg Attachments URL

by Ytcoinshooter
1,914 412/19/2015 12:29PM
Last Post by DJB_78_0844

Turned the truck around

by Tbone1
4,879 1212/18/2015 09:14AM
Last Post by Tbone1

Wireless + wired headphones?

by Tbone1
1,412 312/16/2015 12:07PM
Last Post by Tbone1

Target tones

by GroundScanner
2,050 512/07/2015 06:23PM
Last Post by GroundScanner

Mark Gillespie in Va

by Tinfoil
1,191 212/06/2015 08:34PM
Last Post by indy durtdigger

Learning the V3i   (Pages: 1 2)

by daddyflea
7,350 1911/26/2015 07:47PM
Last Post by PostalTwo

Latest V3i finds - loving my V - 4 years with it. Jpeg Attachments URL

by Ytcoinshooter
4,374 1011/22/2015 01:34PM
Last Post by KennyD

Back to the "Gold Chain" Site... Jpeg Attachments

by Blind Squirrel
4,151 1211/21/2015 07:37PM
Last Post by daddyflea

Finds from my Old Site

by daddyflea
2,415 711/21/2015 07:33PM
Last Post by daddyflea

V3i Circuit Board plug configuration/plug loose nut washer inside

by NorCalJoe59
1,408 211/20/2015 07:43PM
Last Post by Ytcoinshooter

Opinion stubble false blips

by daddyflea
2,180 611/16/2015 06:11PM
Last Post by daddyflea

Interesting Test

by daddyflea
1,658 211/12/2015 10:37AM
Last Post by Ytcoinshooter

V3i Threshold Question

by OregonVic
2,220 511/07/2015 03:44PM
Last Post by OregonVic

V3i 9" coil

by LilMikey
5,195 1211/02/2015 07:00PM
Last Post by GroundScanner

Emulating The Nokta Fors Core or Makro Racer with the V3i?

by Altamaha
1,769 411/01/2015 08:10PM
Last Post by Ytcoinshooter

V3i still pulling valuables from hunted out schoolyard! Jpeg Attachments

by Neil in West Jersey
3,104 810/30/2015 10:43PM
Last Post by gldfver

New Hunting Place

by daddyflea
1,182 110/24/2015 10:35PM
Last Post by daddyflea

FIX BAYONETS Jpeg Attachments

by Blind Squirrel
2,160 510/18/2015 11:33AM
Last Post by Blind Squirrel

Picked up a 13" Ultimate coil for my V3i

by Mike Hillis
3,523 710/16/2015 03:11PM
Last Post by Johnnoh

Coin Depth..

by LS hunter
3,120 610/13/2015 08:24PM
Last Post by Ytcoinshooter

Silver War Nickel with VDI #'S Jpeg Attachments

by msareborn
1,249 110/08/2015 04:50PM
Last Post by msareborn