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Garrett AT Pro & AT Gold Forum

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AnnouncementEveryone have a safe Memorial Day and thanks to our many fallen heroes!05/29/2017 08:45AM
AnnouncementNew Wireless AT MAX Has Arrived! Check The Garrett ForumsN/T05/08/2017 04:05AM
AnnouncementLatest Garrett Searcher Is Now Available! (Thanks, John-Edmonton )04/10/2017 11:56AM
AnnouncementPicture of Egytian funerary Sarcophagas Ushabti, 1800 B.C., Luxor area. Donated by Vlad. Contest for it to follow...12/26/2016 10:26AM
AnnouncementCurrent, 2017: FIND'S CLASSIFIED FORUMS & SPONSORS, LIST & WEBSITES11/21/2016 02:19PM
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A Recent Tour Of The Garrett Factory And Peek At Charles's Relic/Museum Display :thumbup: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
13,061 1205/24/2017 12:50PM
Last Post by David53

The New AT MAX Has Arrived! There Are Some Great Improvements.:thumbup: Jpeg Attachments Image Attachments URL

by John-Edmonton
842 105/06/2017 05:21PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Field Test Of The New Garrett MS-2 Headphones URL

by John-Edmonton
847 104/20/2017 12:57AM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Here's All The Rings Submitted By AT Pro Users For 2011 And 2012 So Far......AT Series "ROCK" :super:   (Pages: 1 2)

by John-Edmonton
53,367 3004/14/2017 10:59PM
Last Post by Drakester

Garrett Has Some Unique Detector Carry Bags And Back Packs Available :twodetecting: Jpeg Attachments URL

by John-Edmonton
1,691 102/17/2017 11:04AM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Here Are Some "HOW TO" Videos For Both The AT Pro And The AT Gold From The Garrett Website :video: URL   (Pages: 1 2)

by John-Edmonton
48,217 3002/16/2017 12:53PM
Last Post by Patriot 1776

Where To Buy Garrett Metal Detectors and Accessories:twodetecting::detecting::twodetecting: Jpeg Attachments URL

by John-Edmonton
6,105 201/09/2017 05:57AM
Last Post by vlad

Field Test Of The Garrett Wireless System.....:detecting: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
3,293 111/18/2016 12:27AM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

How To Dig Targets With Leaving A Very Small Footprint Behind.....Very Important!:surrender: Jpeg Attachments Image Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by John-Edmonton
39,147 3001/01/2016 06:12AM
Last Post by rick67

How The AT Series Metal Detectors Read Canadian :canadaflag: Coins.:twodetecting: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
24,361 706/12/2014 12:32PM
Last Post by upnorth

Here's All The Relics & Old Coins Submitted By AT Users For 2011 And 2012 So Far......AT Series "ROCK" :super:   (Pages: 1 2)

by John-Edmonton
38,977 1601/09/2013 10:46AM
Last Post by smell

A Couple More Rings To Add To The Pile!:biggrin:

by John-Edmonton
13 11 hour ago
Last Post by John-Edmonton


by tarajudy
191 205/29/2017 08:12AM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

AT Max headphones

by dirt lizard
380 405/28/2017 02:16PM
Last Post by Des D

Difference between At Pro international vs At Pro CSI

by Drakester
159 105/28/2017 12:23PM
Last Post by Drakester


by tarajudy
291 405/28/2017 01:57AM
Last Post by Russ88

Felt Nostalgic Today.....Took The :garrett: Scorpion Gold Stinger Out Of Storage For A Hunt!:thumbup:

by John-Edmonton
105 105/28/2017 12:04AM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Water Hunting Info

by Turak
917 905/27/2017 07:25AM
Last Post by WaterWalker

AT MAX Depth?? Any proof???

by bd1024
468 405/27/2017 05:27AM
Last Post by coast40

Just A Touch Of Target Depth Information On Some AT MAX Finds Field Test :thumbup: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
578 805/27/2017 05:26AM
Last Post by coast40

Nel Coil on AT pro

by Waterdog
1,026 705/27/2017 03:15AM
Last Post by tarajudy

Garrett AT Max

by CoinHunter2
318 205/26/2017 10:20AM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Wireless Z link system

by dirt lizard
236 205/26/2017 09:52AM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Got My First Gold Ring For 2017:thumbup:

by John-Edmonton
370 505/25/2017 11:19PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Took The ACE 400 Out For A Quick Spin....Got A Ring:thumbup:

by John-Edmonton
155 105/25/2017 11:09PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Win An AT Max Baseball Cap.............:detecting: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
170 105/25/2017 04:37PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

At pro in saltwater

by stick
532 505/25/2017 09:52AM
Last Post by Des D

Two AT Pros Went Out Relic Root'n Today And Rooted Some Silver:thumbup: Jpeg Attachments Image Attachments

by John-Edmonton
435 505/24/2017 08:11PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

At Max

by David53
445 405/24/2017 08:09PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Garrett AT Max Is A Silver Magnet And Coin Killer:super::video: Jpeg Attachments Video Attachments

by John-Edmonton
925 905/24/2017 01:40PM
Last Post by Des D

AT MAX Field Tests?:garrett:User Reports?:garrett:Buehler? Buehler? :garrett:

by coast40
1,028 605/22/2017 04:56PM
Last Post by undrpar

Kudos to Garrett as far as the AT series coils go

by BootyHunter
457 305/22/2017 04:40PM
Last Post by Ytcoinshooter

Deepest coin you've found with the AT Pro?   (Pages: 1 2)

by Tony N (Michigan)
2,048 2505/19/2017 12:34PM
Last Post by Jamie1993

Some More Information On The New :garrett: ATMax!:blink: Jpeg Attachments URL

by John-Edmonton
672 505/19/2017 04:50AM
Last Post by coast40

First Water Hunt Of 2017....Using My :garrett: ATX Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
316 105/18/2017 10:11PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Took The GTI 2500 Out For A Spin With The 5 x 10 Coil + New Wireless Z-Lynk System:detecting: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
333 105/17/2017 11:44PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

ATMax upper handle...   (Pages: 1 2)

by basstrackerman
1,869 1905/17/2017 10:59AM
Last Post by jim tn

Got A Steal Of A Deal On A 5" x 10" Scorcher DD Searchcoil For The GTI 2500:thumbup: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
448 505/17/2017 07:53AM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Garrett ATMAX   (Pages: 1 2 3)

4,298 3105/16/2017 08:23AM
Last Post by pulltabMiner

AT Max

by Texan
689 605/14/2017 11:30PM
Last Post by Texan

AT Gold Big Coil

by Shenandoah Digger
720 605/14/2017 09:56PM
Last Post by Turak