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Garrett AT Pro & AT Gold Forum

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How To Dig Targets With Leaving A Very Small Footprint Behind.....Very Important!:surrender: Jpeg Attachments Image Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by John-Edmonton
4,585 1604/18/2014 05:26PM
Last Post by spudnuts11


by John-Edmonton
1,997 202/26/2014 10:27AM
Last Post by fongu

Here Are Some "HOW TO" Videos For Both The AT Pro And The AT Gold From The Garrett Website :video: URL   (Pages: 1 2)

by John-Edmonton
15,261 2302/16/2014 01:20PM
Last Post by coolwrench

The new "Garrett Metal Detectors International Buyer's Guide" (yes...there's music too) :nopity: Jpeg Attachments URL

by John-Edmonton
5,665 302/13/2014 09:48AM
Last Post by Fortuna

Here's All The Rings Submitted By AT Pro Users For 2011 And 2012 So Far......AT Series "ROCK" :super:   (Pages: 1 2)

by John-Edmonton
19,347 2511/18/2013 03:12PM
Last Post by Leslie(nova scotia)

How The AT Series Metal Detectors Read Canadian :canadaflag: Coins.:twodetecting: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
6,189 607/13/2013 01:01PM
Last Post by Brent - Ottawa

Garretts New "WINTER " 2014 "SEARCHER" Is Now Available....Great Stories And Photos Too:thumbup: Jpeg Attachments PDF Attachments

by John-Edmonton
7,372 403/23/2013 10:44AM
Last Post by Johnny Cache

Here's All The Relics & Old Coins Submitted By AT Users For 2011 And 2012 So Far......AT Series "ROCK" :super:   (Pages: 1 2)

by John-Edmonton
14,046 1601/09/2013 10:46AM
Last Post by smell

notching out and depth

by sequimsalty
478 112 hours ago
Last Post by Steve Keppel

They who snoozes looses!:garrett: Jpeg Attachments

by jim tn
509 142 hours ago
Last Post by senda

Mother of Mercy!:thumbup: Jpeg Attachments

by mudpuppy
411 82 hours ago
Last Post by senda

Interesting whatsit........... Jpeg Attachments URL

by upnorth
395 92 hours ago
Last Post by senda

Easter Egg, Nickels, Silver, & Gold Jpeg Attachments

by Wandering Yoda
306 85 hours ago
Last Post by senda

1973 Barbados 2 Dollar Coin Jpeg Attachments URL

by Metal Magnet
152 55 hours ago
Last Post by senda

VDI Of 84 Got This Lovely Piece Of Silver And Gold Medallion :thumbup: Jpeg Attachments Image Attachments

by John-Edmonton
192 75 hours ago
Last Post by senda

AT Gold and NEL Tornado for relics. Png Attachments

by SWMO Mark
361 106 hours ago
Last Post by rc2125

AT Pro or Gold?? Suggestions??

by twilli007
377 704/22/2014 11:09PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Cool Token and pin :smile: Jpeg Attachments

by Stryker47
389 1104/22/2014 04:59PM
Last Post by Mudd Dawg

:canadaflag:Today was.............just about the view Jpeg Attachments URL

by Leslie(nova scotia)
334 804/22/2014 06:23AM
Last Post by DetectorOCD

At gold iron audio problem?

by speedbug
211 504/21/2014 10:03PM
Last Post by speedbug

9 X 12 Concentric vs Stock Coil

by Canewrap
256 804/21/2014 08:09PM
Last Post by thinlizzie

18k63 ring? Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by LuckySteve
612 1904/21/2014 06:51PM
Last Post by mudpuppy

AT Pro...

by NJdirt
634 904/21/2014 05:54PM
Last Post by ajaj

Second silver of 2014 Jpeg Attachments URL

by upnorth
339 904/20/2014 11:23PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Difference between ATP & ATP International?

by ecoast
204 304/20/2014 11:12PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton


by jim tn
260 904/20/2014 02:04PM
Last Post by William-NM

NEL "BIG" coil. First use. Jpeg Attachments

by grumpysrb
638 704/20/2014 01:38PM
Last Post by William-NM

Short hunt Friday morning.:garrett: Jpeg Attachments

by jim tn
230 604/20/2014 12:55PM
Last Post by William-NM

What could these 2 coins BE? HELP ID:stars: Jpeg Attachments

by spudnuts11
246 404/20/2014 11:10AM
Last Post by upnorth

LOOK IRON AT 18 INCHES!!!! Jpeg Attachments

by spudnuts11
400 704/20/2014 11:04AM
Last Post by upnorth

Is there a new software update for the AT Pro?N/T

by woodchiphustler
610 704/19/2014 08:00PM
Last Post by BensJamming

Good Friday!.:thumbup: Jpeg Attachments

by mudpuppy
367 804/19/2014 09:49AM
Last Post by William-NM

One decent hole. :garrett: Jpeg Attachments

by jim tn
491 1004/19/2014 09:27AM
Last Post by William-NM

Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! :rant:

by John-Edmonton
434 704/19/2014 08:15AM
Last Post by dgruff

AT Pro frustrated owner!   (Pages: 1 2)

by kozman4907
1,600 2604/18/2014 10:23PM
Last Post by BensJamming

AT PRO HUNT 4/14/14 Jpeg Attachments

by tarajudy
640 1104/18/2014 04:06PM
Last Post by tarajudy

:canadaflag:Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata striking again

by Leslie(nova scotia)
354 804/18/2014 04:57AM
Last Post by mudpuppy

Wireless headphones

by xwyokid
318 504/17/2014 12:57PM
Last Post by xwyokid