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XP Deus Forum

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AnnouncementMerry Christmas & Happy New Year, from Findmall:beers:12/11/2017 11:52AM
AnnouncementPutting a jar of coins together now... Stay Tuned.. Picture of Egytian funerary Sarcophagas Ushabti, 1800 B.C., Luxor area. Donated by Vlad. Contest for it to follow...12/26/2016 10:26AM
AnnouncementCurrent, 2017: FIND'S CLASSIFIED FORUMS & SPONSORS, LIST & WEBSITES11/21/2016 02:19PM
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XP Deus Test Reports, Equipment Information and New Release Details URL

by Andy Sabisch
26,348 712/09/2017 12:48PM
Last Post by amazingdiggerdave

Future Proposed Update / Feature "Wish List" Collection . . . . .   (Pages: 1 ... 12 13 14)

by mntnflyr4fun
121,038 19912/09/2017 12:41PM
Last Post by amazingdiggerdave

V4.1 . . . . Beta vs. Official Release

by Andy Sabisch
1,363 411/22/2017 08:11PM
Last Post by Architex

2017 Bootcamps . . . Basis for the delayed schedule and start of the locations URL

by Andy Sabisch
6,946 1308/28/2017 11:09PM
Last Post by Mikie

V4.0 Download for US Users URL   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Andy Sabisch
14,296 3308/02/2017 11:12AM
Last Post by JBM1

The new 11 inch coil . . . . . some details Jpeg Attachments URL   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Andy Sabisch
59,854 3605/23/2017 12:28PM
Last Post by Tony N (Michigan)

XP Deus Bootcamps . . . . 2015 Dates (July 2015 Update) :thumbup: Jpeg Attachments URL   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Andy Sabisch
40,695 3801/07/2017 03:11PM
Last Post by DWerk

V3.1 is now available . . . . Read for Options (V2.0 >> V3.1 or V3.0 >> V3.1) URL   (Pages: 1 2)

by Andy Sabisch
35,186 1605/21/2015 06:18PM
Last Post by Digger22

Announcing The XP Deus Bootcamp . . . more dates & locations :cheers: Jpeg Attachments URL   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by Andy Sabisch
60,984 5305/21/2015 05:31PM
Last Post by ronnw69

New FAQ available for the Deus . . . . . bookmark this resource! URL

by Andy Sabisch
25,936 106/26/2012 09:17PM
Last Post by Andy Sabisch

Version 4.1 final URL

191 31 hour ago
Last Post by IN DA HOLE

Version 4.1b

by Architex
904 102 hours ago
Last Post by Strobing_NYC

Where oh where can 4.1 be?????

by martygene
912 146 hours ago
Last Post by Mkus

Deep Program

by stargift
470 712/14/2017 08:40AM
Last Post by targets

How do you like the Deus pin pointer?

by Mkus
413 1512/13/2017 05:20PM
Last Post by Mkus

Tips for a new user?

by wyohunter99
496 812/11/2017 03:48PM
Last Post by JBM1

WS5 headphones - remote control module.

by harryort
321 412/09/2017 05:58PM
Last Post by squirrel1

Quest HD Compatible Wireless Headphones

by Welwood470
700 812/08/2017 08:48PM
Last Post by Sand dog

Some Old Coins And A Big Heart! Jpeg Attachments Video Attachments

by Bell-Two
465 812/07/2017 10:49PM
Last Post by

Early merc and buff stuck spill! Jpeg Attachments

by Mkus
310 412/07/2017 10:37AM
Last Post by Mkus

Wireless headphones without the WS4 puck

by pine3874
337 112/06/2017 09:09AM
Last Post by pine3874

Hardwaree changes?

by txop
912 1112/05/2017 10:50AM
Last Post by JBM1

Finds in the iron today Jpeg Attachments

by CT Todd
477 712/04/2017 09:29PM
Last Post by Lodge Scent

Some decent finds this past week oldest 1827 copper Jpeg Attachments

by Mkus
280 312/04/2017 09:24PM
Last Post by Lodge Scent

Question on buying a Deus.

by txop
890 1412/04/2017 08:31PM
Last Post by txop

Keep going back to the deus

by Gannon
1,712 1312/04/2017 02:39PM
Last Post by Southwind

Half Hour Relic Hunt Jpeg Attachments

by Tony (Michigan)
294 312/04/2017 12:25PM
Last Post by Tony N (Michigan)

A few recent finds.... Jpeg Attachments

by martygene
656 412/03/2017 03:34PM
Last Post by nagant

New Site For This Old Guy! Jpeg Attachments

by Bell-Two
1,048 1312/03/2017 10:58AM
Last Post by

another good day of detecting especially in late November in WNY Day 2 Jpeg Attachments

by martygene
307 212/02/2017 11:02AM
Last Post by CT Todd

Silly Me

by Architex
384 312/01/2017 09:56PM
Last Post by martygene

mineralised soil giving me trouble

by targets
586 612/01/2017 05:30PM
Last Post by Lodge Scent

another good day of detecting especially in late November in WNY Jpeg Attachments

by martygene
390 411/30/2017 10:09PM
Last Post by squirrel1

Big pile of Colonial but no coppers ugh Jpeg Attachments

by CT Todd
573 611/30/2017 09:30PM
Last Post by Gannon

Another Token and Big Iron! Jpeg Attachments

by Bell-Two
519 511/28/2017 04:09PM
Last Post by Bell-Two

4.1 Software

by unearth
1,981 1411/27/2017 07:20AM
Last Post by amberjack

A Couple of Interesting Tokens Jpeg Attachments

by Bell-Two
602 511/24/2017 02:24PM
Last Post by CT Todd

LF coil compared to the HF coil

by Flintstone
695 211/23/2017 03:43PM
Last Post by amberjack

Close 1916 merc! Jpeg Attachments Png Attachments

by Mkus
643 611/23/2017 08:29AM
Last Post by squirrel1

New HF 9" round coil

by cookie58
1,909 1511/21/2017 07:06AM
Last Post by Busparts