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Today's Finds Forum

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We restrict the size of pictures for an obvious reason. What are the free software's out there you guys use to optimize the pictures with? Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by Guvner
45,318 4804/11/2017 03:54AM
Last Post by Philo_NY

Please: Everyone. Before posting on this sub forum...

by Elton
1,650 301/29/2017 07:33PM
Last Post by Elton

Links to UTube

by Mr.Bill
10,675 105/16/2015 07:30AM
Last Post by Mr.Bill

"NOTICE" - Please keep this forum on topic. THE FORUM WAS SET UP SO ONE COULD DISPLAY THEIR FINDS. - It's NOT to be asking for INFORMATION, ID'ing items, or looking to purchase. A photo is a must for original first post of a thread. :shrug:

by Mr.Bill
95,522 103/25/2013 06:02AM
Last Post by Mr.Bill

Tot Lot Find Jpeg Attachments

by JEF
630 93 hours ago
Last Post by Doc Holliday

demolition site Jpeg Attachments

by pplinker
434 97 hours ago
Last Post by Batch

Last both signals... Jpeg Attachments URL

by Töginger
692 905/26/2017 08:38AM
Last Post by DougF

Untouched ground still out there! Jpeg Attachments

by mcb613
572 805/26/2017 08:36AM
Last Post by Mkus

5-13-17 hunt. Follow up to 4-29-17 hunt. Jpeg Attachments

by 407floyd
478 805/25/2017 08:29PM
Last Post by nagant

De-Knotting a Chain Jpeg Attachments

by cjc
450 805/25/2017 04:23PM
Last Post by bootyhoundpa

A little silver and about a pound of copper Jpeg Attachments

by miffdan
413 505/25/2017 02:36AM
Last Post by coast40

Almost Didn't Hunt Jpeg Attachments

by timwied
612 605/24/2017 07:27AM
Last Post by timwied

Saint Christopher Protect Us and $1 Sacajawea (my first $1 coin) Jpeg Attachments

325 805/24/2017 01:04AM
Last Post by Blind Squirrel

Digging up History...this cool token defines that term! Jpeg Attachments URL

712 705/22/2017 07:36PM
Last Post by bootyhoundpa

Fresh Merc Jpeg Attachments

by Atlas
360 505/22/2017 04:53PM
Last Post by sddavid

A Little Silver & a Little Gold... Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by Blind Squirrel
979 1605/22/2017 03:41PM
Last Post by Töginger

April 29 morning hunt. Lots of targets among square nails Jpeg Attachments

by 407floyd
962 805/21/2017 09:20PM
Last Post by 407floyd

2.4 Ounces of Gold Last Week Jpeg Attachments

by cjc
893 905/21/2017 08:51PM
Last Post by coast40

Found this old lady today Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by camb1
1,579 2005/21/2017 08:44PM
Last Post by coast40

Lots of Lead - Part III (and final) VIDEO Video Attachments

by Old Virginia
216 205/20/2017 10:19PM
Last Post by sddavid

1863 Indian Jpeg Attachments

by B Spa
726 905/18/2017 08:54PM
Last Post by Blind Squirrel

Lots of Lead from the Shenandoah Valley: Part II Video Attachments

by Old Virginia
371 205/18/2017 10:37AM
Last Post by Blind Squirrel

An 1800's watch case and an 1892 V nickel... Jpeg Attachments

561 605/18/2017 10:31AM
Last Post by Blind Squirrel

Nice old ring Jpeg Attachments

by Mkus
1,006 1305/18/2017 10:16AM
Last Post by Blind Squirrel

Took less than an hour...First silver with the Mojave. Jpeg Attachments

646 805/18/2017 10:15AM
Last Post by Blind Squirrel

Funny but sad Jpeg Attachments

by mcb613
1,306 1205/17/2017 01:30AM
Last Post by Sataro

Lots of Lead from the Shenandoah Valley! ***VIDEO*** LIVE DIGS Video Attachments

by Old Virginia
725 905/14/2017 09:24PM
Last Post by Old Virginia

206 yr old, BIG!, foreign, SILVER in Northern California!! Jpeg Attachments URL   (Pages: 1 2)

by JackalopeZL1
2,439 2905/11/2017 11:26PM
Last Post by JackalopeZL1

Silver medallion and a ring Jpeg Attachments

by miffdan
737 705/11/2017 05:07PM
Last Post by bootyhoundpa

a couple of silvers and a cub scout badge/ medallion Jpeg Attachments

by Herb Jones
886 1105/11/2017 04:49PM
Last Post by Herb Jones

Must have bee a party. Jpeg Attachments

by jd88047
1,689 1205/11/2017 04:30PM
Last Post by Blind Squirrel

Abandoned House Silver... Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by Blind Squirrel
2,500 2405/07/2017 06:44PM
Last Post by JamesBondaka
This topic has been moved.


by undrpar
   This topic has been moved.

Results from 4 day hunting trip Jpeg Attachments

by Mcdetect
1,164 1105/06/2017 09:39AM
Last Post by sunraysux