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TreasurMaster Vs TreasurePro depth
Posted by: AustinEd
Date: September 03, 2016 11:09AM
Does anyone know if the TreasureMaster and TreasurePro get about the same depth or is the Pro deeper?
I am trying to decide between them. Any experiences or opinions are appreciated.

Re: TreasurMaster Vs TreasurePro depth
Posted by: Larry (IL)
Date: September 03, 2016 01:47PM
I think the two are virtually the same detector with the pro having more bells and whistles and of course the DD coil. Depth will depend on which coil would work better in your ground. DD coils are usually better in more mineralized ground and the opposite for the conical.

Bells and whistles are nice, but nothing will substitute for the basic understanding of the hobby.

:minelab: CTX 3030

Re: TreasurMaster Vs TreasurePro depth
Posted by: Carlos (CA)
Date: November 11, 2016 02:48PM
I have both, and I enjoy them very much. cant really say one is deeper that the other, and the different coils seem to be producing the same, and pinpoint is no problem with either.
I use grey ghost phones, and the audio is great. Right now my top units are MXT All Pro, Garrett AT Pro, and the two we are talkin' about. All have sweet response on coins.
I run both in 4 tone audio. Oh, and I added Tall Man Rods on both for a lil extra swing, and its great, love the lightness.

Re: TreasurMaster Vs TreasurePro depth
Posted by: oleterryg
Date: May 31, 2017 03:04PM
Have you dug any coins up wit these two, deeper than say, 6 inches? Just curious, as the TM has my attention.

The true auto GB is interesting.

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