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I've Hear That Bill Clinton Has Started A Vegan Way of Life...
Posted by: SeniorSeeker
Date: September 02, 2011 07:30AM
This is a good time for health ministry. Its everywhere in the news, like this quote from former president, Bill Clinton speaking at an event in Berwyn, Illinois:

"As a former president of the United States, I have access to the absolute best health-care and medical advice in the entire world. By choosing to adopt a plant-based diet for myself (and giving up all meat and dairy) so that I can enable my body to heal itself, I am broadcasting to the world that I do not believe that our government (USDA) is advising Americans what we should be eating in order to prevent or reverse over 80% of our diseases and shave $2 trillion off of our $2.7 trillion cost of health-care. Weve all been eating the wrong food for our species since we were born and our government has not told us the truth about that food; nor have our medical schools or our schools of nutrition, both of which are controlled by the industries that produce our food and our drugs. Dr. Campbell said said it best in his book, The China Study, 'the entire system - government, science, medicine, industry and media - promotes profits over health, technology over food and confusion over clarity."

Interesting to say the least!

Re: I've Hear That Bill Clinton Has Started A Vegan Way of Life...
Anonymous User
Date: September 02, 2011 03:18PM
I would say that this is true, because when farmers grew their own meat and produce, it was not loaded with chemicals and ungodly things which do harm the body and cause the immune system not to work properly! Even the milk sold, today, is not as good as coming from our own milk cows! I know pasturation has to be done in the dairies and processing plants or contamination will occur and bad heallth will come, but raising our own food and using our own milk caused farmers and their children to be healthy and we stayed thinner compared to today's ppl and children! We weren't forced to take meds all the time to stay well either! Good food and Cod Liver Oil helped us to stay in better health and staying away from crowds where illnesses are spread from one to another! Yes, the food and medical industries don't really help us but make money off our illnesses! May God have mercy upon us and take care of us who will listen to His guiding words of love! Dear God, please save those who will be saved and then, "Come Quickly, Lord Jesus"! Amen!

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