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Detech Chaser detector
Posted by: dfmike
Date: May 31, 2017 06:34PM
Anyone hear about it ? Tried it ? Impressions ?

I can only find a few videos on youtube but nothing in English.

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Re: Detech Chaser detector
Posted by: Mega
Date: May 31, 2017 06:50PM
They make great coils but the detectors are 'so so',i have used one and in theory they sound good especially on the back of a reasonable coil success,glad i did not part with money for the detector as you will part with it very quickly and no one will/would buy it off you.I think you can read between the lines here.

Of course its not my money,but they are not all that popular here in the UK,a great company a few years ago as one of the top after market suppliers of coils ie the popular SEF range etc,but even in the last few years they have lagged behind other brands like NEL etc,not for me alas for detectors.

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Displays on a Detector are really the equivalent of relying on sub-titles,give me a Analogue machine anyday.

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Re: Detech Chaser detector
Posted by: dfmike
Date: June 01, 2017 02:58PM
Thanks Mega. Nel has a much more aggressive marketing strategy IMHO and it works. Detech seems to have been quite content to sell well in Europe and Australia but here in America, their marketing seems to have been abysmal at best.

Since I have enjoyed all the Detech coils I have had (I still have 2), I was wondering how their machine performed. I am aware that if I'd get one I would probably be stuck with it if I wanted to get rid of it.

Active detectors: Fisher F19 LTD, Nokta Fors CoRe, Makro pointer and way too many coils.
Previous detectors: Bounty Hunter Discovery, Fisher F44, Omega 8000 V6, Minelab X-Terra 705, Fisher F5

Re: Detech Chaser detector
Posted by: HistoryBuff
Date: September 28, 2017 01:07AM
After a lot of research I decided to buy a Detech Chaser with the 12 x 10 coil, and I love it. It's the most sensitive, powerful, and the deepest machine I've ever used. I like many detectors and have an older Whites, a Fisher 1266X, an F75, and I still use them and they are fine. But they can't match the Detech Chaser. I'm pulling deep buck-shot out of hard-hunted camps, and pulling more stuff from holes I originally dug months ago with other machines. The sensitivity and depth of the Chaser is really amazing. I've done plenty of side-by-side comparisons and the Chaser wins every time. It will give loud strikes when the other machines don't even give a weak blip. As an example, I dug a button at around 12 inches this week. I've never done that with any other machine, although I've used those for 20 years and have used the Chaser for less than two weeks.

Since I am so used to my old Fisher F75, I just ordered a Detech Chaser coil for it. I'm used to the F75's menu and seem to do better with it. The Chaser's menus all seem easy enough, but I just prefer the Fisher for that since I'm used to it. I'm sure that with time I'll be as comfortable with the Chaser's menus as I am with the Fisher.

I'm hoping to get the same sensitivity and depth from the Fisher with the Chaser 12 x 15 coil as I do with the Chaser 12 x 10 I just bought, but it will have to be pretty amazing to equal or beat the performance I'm already getting from the Chaser. with the 12 x 10.

I bought mine online from a dealer in Massachusetts. I'm not trying to officially endorse anything, and I'm not sure of the forum rules for such things, but if you are interested in a Chaser can find it in MA with Google. I've spoken with the company many times on the phone and they are very knowledgeable and helpful. They also service the Detech line of detectors. I have full confidence in them, just like any other well-established detector sales company.

Happy Hunting!

Re: Detech Chaser detector
Posted by: HistoryBuff
Date: October 01, 2017 04:54AM
Found over 40 more pieces of Civil War camp lead (melted, buckshot, and larger bullets) and some camp iron today. All from a "hunted out" site. Found a nice dropped Sharps within the first two minutes. Later, found a dropped three ringer and a dropped CS round ball. Found some nice CS buckshot scattered around right where I've hunted many times.

I also found a lot of small melted lead in an area the size of a large garbage can where it appears they molded bullets. Two of the smaller pieces are about the size of a pin head. It would have been very hard to find them if they weren't so white and stood out from the dirt so well. Even the pin-pointer had a hard time with their exact location. I have never dug lead that small -- it looks smaller than number 9 bird shot, and I might have said it was bird shot but it was in the same hole where we dug a lot of small melted lead where they were molding bullets.

My detector friend took his new Chaser (his just arrived yesterday) to Corinth and hit a honey hole within a few hundred yards of Grant's head-quarters. This was his first field test, and it produced more than any other single Corinth hunt for him this entire calendar year. He says there is no doubt that the Chaser is the most sensitive and effective machine he's ever used, and he' been doing this for 35+ years. He said he was getting so many signals that he finally just skipped over the iron signals and stuck to digging lead.

I like the Chaser so much that I ordered a 15 x 12 Chaser coil for my older F 75. It really cranked up the horsepower. Great machine. I never thought I'd say that a revved-up F 75 was my back-up machine, but now it is.

A+ for the Chaser!

Re: Detech Chaser detector
Posted by: Shenandoah Digger
Date: October 13, 2017 04:45AM
I considered the Chaser but went with the Relic Striker because it was advertised as being deep with good discrimination in bad ground. It has not disappointed me. Very good machine.

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