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Please use this forum for finds. If it pertains to coils, settings, fixes, accessories, help, etc please use the Explorer Classroom. Thank YouN/T
Posted by: MikeO
Date: September 26, 2016 12:20PM

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Detecting since 1979
Findmall member since 2000
Became a dedicated Minelab user in 2000 with a XS
Favorite find ever a 1834 Half Dime (15 years ago)
Oldest coin ever found a 1734 Real (11 years ago)
One of my favotites from 2012 season an 1857 Flying Eagle Cent.,1795264,1795264#msg-1795264

Favorite coin from 2013 season an 1835 Capped Bust Dime.,1962866,1962866

Favorite coin of 2014 so far an 1849 Large Cent.,2034861,2034861#msg-2034861

Favorite Silver of 2014 an 1854 Seated Half Dime.,2106714

A hunt that will likely never be repeated. Silver Three Center and Seated.,2115392,2115392#msg-2115392

Oldest and largest for 2015 so far 1807 KG,2167872,2167872#msg-2167872
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