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coin spill and "medal"
Posted by: DougF
Date: September 12, 2017 09:14AM
Hunting the woods again at a park. The Jamestown tercentennial medal from 1907 was a loud signal like a copper cent. Not too deep. I found some similar pieces online, but the reverse side of mine is in bad shape, can't make out the picture. The coin spill was one of those crazy signals, I found the Jefferson, then a buffalo, then five wheats. Hoping for a silver, but no luck. The nickels are in pretty good shape, usually my nickels are badly corroded. No date on the buffalo. The wheats were 1946, 1948, 1950D, 1953, and 1956. A couple clad coins and lots of trash, especially the aluminum lids for beer cans.

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Re: coin spill and "medal"
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: September 12, 2017 10:34AM
Very nice digs! Good job!


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You found some great things! Nice!N/T
Posted by: Tony N (Michigan)
Date: September 12, 2017 03:50PM

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Re: coin spill and "medal"
Posted by: JeffInMass
Date: September 15, 2017 06:25AM
7 oldies in one hole is quite a spill- Congrats! The medal is very cool as well.

-- Jeff --

Re: Congratulations! I am sure you are smiling with that glory hole!N/T
Posted by: BigTony
Date: September 15, 2017 07:39AM

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Re: coin spill and "medal"
Posted by: MikeO
Date: September 16, 2017 12:49AM
Well done Doug.
Neat old token. Never seen one posted before. :thumbup:

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