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Re: NEL 15" DD Attack Coil
Posted by: "Carolina"
Date: September 08, 2016 05:14PM
I can tell you that I have a waterproof connector mod on my Excal ll and run many different coils. One of my favorite beach coils is the ATTACK. knee deep in the wash, damp sand and dry sand it is a killer. I can run the sensitivity around 7 without any falsing. I also run the coil without a coil cover ( just my preference ). It is well balanced on a long, behind the shoulder Anderson shaft and I can stay out 5 plus hours with no fatigue. I have found chains and the smallest gold ear rings with this coil. The only place it struggles is in black sand.
As far as the warranty I have no idea. My suggestion would be, if you are going to de-solder the stock coil, why not do a connector mod so you can use the stock coil as well as the ATTACK and other coils. Wish you luck.

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NEL 15" DD Attack Coil

SirLostAlot692September 08, 2016 01:26PM

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"Carolina"259December 03, 2016 02:43PM

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Re: NEL 15" DD Attack Coil

"Carolina"369September 08, 2016 05:14PM

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