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making a wader out of my silver umax need help!
Posted by: Hank68
Date: January 07, 2012 10:00PM
Hello to all need a little help or suggestions either chest mount it or shaft mount it like it is but water proof? Can I make a longer cord for my coil , need help with parts suppliers, I want to do it on a low budget. Thanks Hank

Re: how I done mine ...
Posted by: Terry(Mi)
Date: January 10, 2012 01:35PM
First of all, you dont HAVE to cut and splice a cable like I did, as you can buy a 9x8 coil with the long cord already intact! Actually Im only 5'8", and the cable length is 6' spliced (approx) if your very tall you may want to order a coil with the 8' cable I used an older non-working 7" coil to cut and then respliced the internal wires. I soldered ea connection plus each connection had its own appropriate sz heat shrink tube. I also had a larger piece of 6" heat shrink tube in place for the main cable, I squirted the interior of the tubing with high quality silicone sealant, and heated/shrunk it down cleaning the excess silicone as it shrunk. Once most of the bubbles were out I concentrated on heating the ends of the shrink tube completing the seal.

I selected an older(cheaper) pair of headphones that have two seperate internal supports thru the headband.I awled a hole between the supports(be careful to feel for and not cut the phone wires) for the factory screw to go thru.

Take a qt sz heavy duty freezer bag place the head unit in it with the face of the umax looking staight at the zipper seal and zip it closed. Leave some slack to play with as you may need to change batts at some point. When its centered in the baggie, poke a small hole in the bottom of the back so the mounting screw can fit thru. (use the stock screw that comes out of the shaft) At this point you also need to clip the corner out of the baggie just large enough to fit your coil cable connector, then the headphone connector. Youll also need one or 2 washers to keep your screw head from ripping thru the vinyl of the phones band. (I use 2 washers a small and a fairly large) Take a liberal amount of elec tape and close off the corner of the baggie tight around the cables. Use your existing lower rod, and find a small cheap straight shaft(if straight is your pref) and go enjoy your ring killer!

It will take some fiddling to get the screw with washers poked up thru the bottom of the phone bands, and into the nut under the head unit(while its in the baggie) but once you figure it out it works great. I ran this git-up for 7 years, and its highly effective for a few hundred dollar mod.

oh, and the nice thing about this mod is you can always remount it on the factory shaft, and use it like "normal" Let me know if theres something else I can answer for you. Good luck!

Re: how I done mine ...
Posted by: Hank68
Date: January 11, 2012 12:13AM
Thank you Terry for that I will have to order the 8 ft cable I'm 6' 2" so you have helped me a lot already! Thanks for the picture that helped to, how has it done for you? Great idea to have the x2 with the coin check button that's brilliant! I will keep in touch Terry you been a huge help, HHH

Re: how I done mine ...
Posted by: Terry(Mi)
Date: January 11, 2012 11:58AM
No problem Hank, I normally don't even reach up for the coin check or pinpoint button, I dig it all in the water and the setup has worked great. The coin check is an option IF u want to use it.... But I normally don't as a cpl of the larger gold rings came thru on coin check... As well as alot or silvers. Good luck!

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