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Used my first vacation day of 2017
Posted by: rottonr
Date: May 17, 2017 06:38AM
Used my first day of vacation Monday of this week for a good ol' water hunting trip with chest waders. I was very surprised how many kids and adults were in the water at the swimming beaches, Brr. Got up and hit the Road Sunday morning for a 4 hour drive to the lake. Hunted for a little over 3 hours in the first spot all for one coin, the Mercury dime :detecting:. (And the small key)

Got lunch and then hit the second beach for another 3 hours. The piers were up this time, the last two hunts there this spring I pulled over 150 clad coins out over the large pier area. The pier goes straight out with 3 branches that go into the swimming area, the first is very shallow and the last is well over my head, I could almost get to the second branch with my chest waders on. Pulled about 40 coins or so from that beach. I than went and set up my tent camp site, got supper seen a movie and called it a day.

Monday was a 4 hour hunt at the finial huge beach, outside the swimming area is where the boaters park and have fun. Got the toy car there, the large key, the perfect condition 1959 DIXIE ring, the 2 dollar coins in one spill and the rest of the clad.

Had a great 2 days, the finds could have been better but I am still very glad I went. Next trip there will be a wet suit and as deep as I can go.

Re: Used my first vacation day of 2017
Posted by: OldBeechnut
Date: May 17, 2017 07:41AM
Like the descriptions ...And sounds like you had a very good time. It is nice to find gold but the real treasure is to spend the day as you please. Good Luck!

2017 .. Gold Rings 134..........Silvers 176

Re: Used my first vacation day of 2017
Posted by: Hoser John
Date: May 17, 2017 09:34AM
:detecting: Now that's the way to start any vacation kudos-John

Re: Used my first vacation day of 2017
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: May 17, 2017 03:08PM
Good finds and great report.

Re: Used my first vacation day of 2017
Posted by: njredneck
Date: May 17, 2017 05:08PM
Good use of valuable vacation time. Hope the water temperature warms up so you can ditch the waders.

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