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Safari Ferris vs. Conductive modes for Silver?
Posted by: PanhandlePoorBoy
Date: March 04, 2017 02:16PM
I do not own a Safari (I have a Explorer II) But I'm considering one.
My question is the Coin & Coin&Jewerly are both searched with conductive... and Treasure & All Metal use the Ferris type mode... The C and F icon. I'm supposing that's what that means on the Safari. Has anyone ever air tested say... a couple different silver coins in each mode to see if the audio ID is smoother in Ferris? I know on the Explorer II it does... the audio ID is much smoother in Ferris. And the rings too, What few rings I have to test. The Safari looks to me to be... a great machine and the part I love about it... is the notch discriminator it has... (50+notches? compared to the X terra 705's 28?) <---not so sure how many each of those actually have... but Safari has a few more notches then the 705. The 705 too... interest me account it's a single freq. style machine that can be hunted with a faster sweep then the FBS. I just donno if it will hit things as deep as the Safari.
I've seen here in the forum people talk about more hunting with their ears instead of screen watching. Hunting with the explorer II is a lot more pleasant to me in Ferris mode. My Ex II is... I'm estimating 15+ yrs. old now? Reason I'm thinking of a new machine is.. I think maybe the ones today have better components in them today, than were used 15 yrs. ago.
There may be.... no difference with the Safari... when it comes to the sound in Coin mode opposed to All Metal mode.. when hitting a number of different targets. But, that's my question today.

Re: Safari Ferrous vs. Conductive modes for Silver?
Posted by: kschae4
Date: March 06, 2017 05:25AM
PPB - I rarely hunt in conductive anymore. I agree with you that silver sings sweeter in ferrous mode than in conductive. It's also been my experience that older silver, the barber series of dimes and quarters and the few seated dimes that I've recovered, will actually id on the graphic id bar pointing to the "i" in the word silver. Just another bit of information to help us determine what lies beneath. HH

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