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Hard to get the lid off
Posted by: pplinker
Date: September 14, 2017 02:14PM
I found this Woodbury face cream bottle while metal detecting because of the metal cap. The cap has initials scratched into it so I was hoping it had some child's treasure in it. Tried channel lock pliars with a towel to protect the lid but the lid bent anyway. Then I boiled awhile and that didn't help. Then took a knife and pried up a little all around the rim of the lid. It finally opened at that, although some of the lid chipped off some. No treasure inside, just the face cream had turned to liquid.

Greetings and good luck from West Virginia

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I am a 61 year old wife and mother with two daughters and three granddaughters. I'm thankful for all God's blessings.

Re: Hard to get the lid off
Posted by:
Date: October 10, 2017 09:21PM
Nice unusual find pplinker, how deep was it?

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