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MX Sport and the Ultimate coil thoughts
Posted by: Bill_S
Date: December 02, 2016 05:54PM
I had to send my MX Sport in because of problems. Whites sent me a new one that seems to be working correctly. I bought the 7" and the 13" coils for it from John at JMTMetaldetectors who is a sponsor on here. I took the coils out for a short bit today and I have to say I am impressed with them. I was digging some 9-10 range targets with the 13" coil. I did not find any deep coins but found some old shell casings. I was finding small 22 type casing to about 7 inches. I would definitely recommend it. The 13" does seem to add some depth over the stock coil. In my test garden it hit on all my targets even the deeper ones that are close to 10 inches. The small coil seemed to have good depth for its size. Both coils seem to have the same ID numbers on coins as the stock coil. I will try to get out and make a video tomorrow.

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Re: MX Sport and the Ultimate coil thoughts
Posted by: Old California
Date: December 14, 2016 08:43PM
thanks for sharing Bill,

Sounds like you're off with a great start with the new MXS, and good job getting good depth with the 13" coil. You'll like the 7" coil as well, it too is a go-getter on depth for it's size.

Recently, I too sent in my MXS for the current upgrade. This is my 3rd upgrade making it my 4th MXS with different firmware. Just got it back today, They sent me a new detector, wow wasn't expecting a new model.

Modulation works, but i perfer modulation off but those wanting modulation this current upgrade has it. Was testing at a park test bed, it's still deep and Prospecting mode is even deeper. That's important for my type of hunting, prospecting mode has an edge under harsh soil conditions especially out relic hunting farm land or up in gold country.

Congratulations with the MXS with the two additional coils!

AKA..Paul (Ca)

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