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Wish list... Water proof F19
Posted by: tometusns
Date: August 29, 2017 07:09PM
I've owned three AT pro's, mx sport is a little heavy, ctx 3030 more than I'm willing to pay... Sure wish Fisher would make a water proof machine to compete with them....a dual purpose machine so I could use one machine for all my hunting needs. I love my F19 but would like to water hunt some too. Are there any plans in the works for such a machine?

Re: Wish list... Water proof F19
Posted by: bigtim1973
Date: September 02, 2017 07:46PM
They already have their line of CZ 21 beach units. 2 frequencies and tones. What else do you need?? Yeah that is the one I would if I was near water. I understand what your saying though. A cool nice large LCD screen that you can submerge. Tons of guys have asked through the years for another water unit from them but nothing on the market yet.

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Re: Wish list... Water proof F19
Posted by: Sand dog
Date: September 02, 2017 08:46PM
Cz 21 for saltwater Hunting is great but is small gold dead. A waterproof F19 for freshwater hunting would be killer on gold of all sizes and small gold chains the cz can't see. I think fishers gonna pull an ace out of their sleeve with their next machine or 2.

Re: Wish list... Water proof F19
Posted by: tometusns
Date: September 03, 2017 01:28PM
Thanks for the input. From your responses I gathered I'm not the first one wanting this type of machine. I think it would be an awesome addition to the Fisher line up. Hopefully they've got one on the drawing board that will be out sometime in the near future. The FZ19 all purpose. Hmmm.

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