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Shootin' Shell Buckle Gun :)
Posted by: Steve(Can)
Date: January 30, 2008 08:27PM
Ha! A fun little find. A toy derringer with a cartridge still in the chamber

Appears this was a "Shootin' Shell Buckle Gun :)

From a recent ebay auction:

A recollection of the Shootin' Shell Buckle Gun from the link below:

>...around the time I was eight, Mattel brought out what momentarily seemed like a Must-Own. It was the Shootin' Shell Buckle Gun...a tiny toy derringer built into a belt buckle. The premise here was that you were caught unarmed by the bad guys. "Put your hands up," they'd command and, since they had more conventional Mattel cap pistols (like the lethal Fanner 50 model) trained on you, you'd comply...and it would look like you were done-for. But! What they didn't realize was that you, shrewd lawman that you were, were wearing your Shootin' Shell Buckle Gun belt buckle. Just as they were about to pull their triggers, you would stick your tummy out and spring the control on the obverse side of the buckle. Suddenly, the derringer would pop out and fire at whoever was standing in front of you! What a secret weapon.

Of course, in real life, it didn't work precisely the way it did in the commercials. Few toys of my childhood ever did. First off, if you exhaled too much or sometimes, for no reason at all the derringer would spring out and fire before you were ready. The answer to this was that there was a little lock on the bottom of the buckle. Just before you were ready to fire, you had to take the lock off...which, of course, telegraphed to the bad guys that you were up to something and they would kill you before you could.

Another problem was that, in the commercial, the good guy would pop the buckle and shoot one bad guy, then snatch the derringer off the buckle lever and use it to fire several more shots, felling the other villains. This looked neat in the commercial but once you got your Shootin' Shell Buckle Gun, you discovered that it could only fire one shot before you had to stop and reload.

This took about five minutes. Mattel Shootin' Shell guns worked with a three-part ammo. One part was a plastic bullet this was the part that actually fired. The derringer came with ten of these and after you shot people, you had to run around and find your plastic bullets so you could reuse them. Often, you couldn't, so you had to run out and buy another pack of plastic bullets.

You would insert one plastic bullet into a metal casing with a little spring in it. The derringer buckle came with two. Then, you'd take a page of Mattel's special caps little round, green ones on a sheet of peel-off labels. You'd apply one cap to the back end of the bullet casing and you'd have a complete bullet you could insert into the gun and fire...<<<

"Come get your duds in order 'cause we're bound across the water,
Heave away, me jollies, heave away.
Come get your duds in order 'cause we're bound to leave tomorrow,
Heave away, me jolly boys, we're all bound away..."
  --The Fables, Heave Away (Traditional)


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