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Find's Treasure Forums Sponsor list.
Posted by: Guvner
Date: July 01, 2015 12:26AM
Here is a list of current sponsors at Finds, as of this date 07/01/2015. Please excuse if I missed anyone, just drop me a note.

Anderson Detector Shafts
Andy Sabisch's Treasure Hunter's Trading Post
Backwoods Detector Sales
Big Boys Hobbies
Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors
Coiltek Manufacturing
Detector Pro
DeepTech USA
Fisher Research Labs
Garrett Metal Detectors
Indian Nations Detectors
JMT Metal Detectors
Nokta Detectors
Reilly's Treasured Gold
River Team Six Metal Detectors
Teknetics Metal Detectors
Unlikely Enterprises, LLC
Vance Metal Detectors
Whites Electronics

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Re: Find's Treasure Forums Sponsor list.
Posted by: JackalopeZL1
Date: November 15, 2016 09:00PM
WATCH OUT FOR Vance Metal Detectors. I have been taken from them. No response, No product... After buying off their websight and not seeing or hearing anything for over 2 weeks I tried emailing. I got no response. I tried calling and the phone goes right to voicemail. I finally had to file a dispute with paypal. Buyer beware!!!

Re: Find's Treasure Forums Sponsor list.
Posted by: 7centsworth
Date: November 16, 2016 04:51AM
I would start a new post for this. Most people won't see it here. Thanks for the heads up.

Christian Ky Boy
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Minelab pro find

Re: Find's Treasure Forums Sponsor list.
Posted by: JackalopeZL1
Date: November 16, 2016 11:02AM
Yes I did already, here and other forums

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