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Sun Ray XL-1 probe a winner
Posted by: GoGoGopher
Date: June 11, 2011 03:40PM
After using this probe for about a year now, I thought it high time to give my kudos...
This is by far my number 1 time saver...I have been nothing but pleased with this probe...
I like the fact that it is essentially a 1" coil and works EXACTLY like my main search coil...
The probe even IDs the target just like the main coil.
On my QXT Pro, I can adjust the Pin-Point sensitivity to fine tune the response of the XL-1 (more is NOT always better)....
The only time I have had problems with the probe is when I first got it...After looking inside the box and finding one cold soldered joint and repairing it myself, I called Ralph who gave me some excellent tips on using the probe, and now It is a champ...I will always use a Sun Ray Probe on ANY future machine I own (will make sure I get one that accepts the probes)

Thanks Sun-Ray,

Deactivated at users request 08/26/12

Re: You are welcome and good hunting to you!N/T
Posted by: Ralph Sun Ray
Date: June 13, 2011 02:12PM

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