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FX-1 on a Teknetics G2 Does it work?
Posted by: GoGoGopher
Date: October 02, 2011 04:07PM
The FX-1 was designed for detectors running at 13kHz and the G2 is a 19kHz machine...that is a 6kHz difference...
I would think that would be enough to make the probe NOT work properly...
Anyone actually get this to work?


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Re: FX-1 on a Teknetics G2 Does it work?
Posted by: Ralph Sun Ray
Date: October 03, 2011 10:02AM
All Sun Ray in-line probe compatible detector models are listed on the specific web page for that probe on our website at The FX-1 is only compatible with the Fisher F-75/F-75LTD/F-70.

While we have heard customers and dealers imply that the FX-1 is compatible
with the Fisher Gold Bug and Tek G2 on detector forums and elswhere, we have
not tested it for such use, and, at this time do not recommend its use on
models except the Fisher F-75 and F-70.

Our reason for this is that it is our understanding from Fisher officials
that coils from the F-75/F-70 may in some cases work on the those detector
models, but in other cases they may not work as they were not specifically
designed for those models (there are apparently some electronic differences
in the coils for the different models).

Since the FX-1 is essentially a coil designed to be compatible with the
F-75/F-70 only, that same problem could occur when used on the Gold Bug/G2.
If used on other models than designed for, we can not offer customer support
in that application. I hope this answers your question.

Ralph (Sun Ray)
Sun Ray Detector Electronics
319-636-2244 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm CST

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