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Sunray pouch :thumbup:
Posted by: marcomo
Date: November 18, 2011 01:06AM
Thanks Ralph for the Sunray leather pouch I got from you recently. Extremely rugged and well designed.

For those who aren't familiar, Ralph has these custom made. And when he gets them in they are in limited quantities. You can see a picture on the Sunray website at

Don't know if he has any left in stock. But if he does, I'd suggest one to anybody in the market for a quality pouch. These are the top of the line and built to last. I wouldn't be surprised if mine outlives me...

Yes they are the best, worth every penny
Posted by: Rick(ND)
Date: November 18, 2011 01:48AM
These are nice as it has a place for my Lesche digging knife, 2 places for my brass probe, 2 small Velcro pouches for my coins plus a good size trash pouch where i can put my water bottle too if needed. I love mine and have a extra if i need it, but looks like it I never will as these are built to last.
Like all Sun Ray products, they are top quality.

Re: Sunray pouch :thumbup:
Posted by: Larry (IL)
Date: November 18, 2011 06:28AM
Love mine too, it will be the last pouch I will ever need. I got tired of buying a new leather construction type every couple of years.

Bells and whistles are nice, but nothing will substitute for the basic understanding of the hobby.

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Re: Thank you all and YES, we now have plenty in stock.N/T
Posted by: Ralph Sun Ray
Date: November 18, 2011 07:18AM

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Re: Sunray pouch :thumbup:
Posted by: cowtownkid
Date: December 11, 2011 09:49AM
I had mine modified somewhat by a friend of mine who does leather work. I have the "left hip" style and had the two PVC pieces removed and mounted my propointer and reading glasses instead. I also had a small brass probe mounted at the back. I believe they are the best treasure pouches on the market. Very functional and durable. Mine will be around for a long time. I am thinking of buying a back up pouch to keep in my second vehicle or to loan to a fellow hunter when needed. Thanks Ralph!

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