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Great post and link, thanks AJ and Royals story forum :clap: .........
Posted by: General Ray
Date: July 05, 2007 06:46PM
The Golden Olde - The Friend I Never Met
Posted by: Arkie John
Date: Today, 04:31PM on Royals story forum

The Golden Olde

I stumbled upon his website,, quite by mistake. This guy is just amazing. He has story after story about beach hunting. Some of it is quite technical but so informative. I was with him as he traveled down the road with his sweet wife in their newly-acquired motor home. Much traveling and many beaches makes for some very, very interesting stories. I became like a sponge, returning to the site every chance I got. I'd kick in to the home page and immediately go to the "stories" tab and read as long as I could. This guy is just a prolific writer. I could wait to see what he pulled from the sand next.

Theres even a photo of our favorite moderator in the site! Hmmmm. What about this guy, Mr. Royal? I know you will be able to add much to this little piece.

As the days passed on, I found myself glued to Norms writings even more. It was a narcotic prose and I found myself going further and further into this couples meanderings. He was living the American dream, after retiring from NASA. I could identify because that is exactly what I want to do!

Once, I even wrote him an email but he never returned it. I figured he was just busy or maybe out of range in some remote place with his motor home set up on some beautiful beach in the back country, busily digging the signals his detector reported.

Finally I got to the end of his rather expansive site--finally. He said in his intro about the author that his time was spent building this site and metal detecting. He wasnt lying. He had been building it for five years and boy did it show.

As I explored the final little nooks and corners of the site I found something disturbing. The last update in "new updates" was done on 10/20/2000. No! NO! He had retired in 1995. Surely he wasnt ill. Then I read on the home page that This site is frozen due to illness. I still had hope but a sense of trepidation came over meand then the killer. I found his final entry and it stated that he had been diagnosed with a train tumor and was scheduled for surgery the following Wednesdaythat he "...may possibly may never be able to post to the site againthat our prayers would be appreciated."

I felt as though I was losing a friend. God! His writing is so colorful, so very articulateI really would like to talk to this guyto get to know him a little better.

In his biography he states his name as only Norm. I went back to his home page today and, it had been there all along, I just didnt connect the dots. A statement said simply, In memory of Norman Garnush. For some reason I thought before that Norman was a friend. I just didnt get it. I got it todayjust today.

This guy was a special treasure seeker. He knew the true treasure was not just in the sand, although he and his wife found a BUNCH of loot. His loot he couldnt take with him, but his real treasure he could. He has given each and every reader a special gifta wealth of information intertwined within his numerous stories of beach hunting all over the place.

So, if you get some time, and you have not been there before, tap into Norms world. Go to and you will be the better for it. It is an outstanding web site and written by a really special persona persona friend that I never met, never spoke to but just the same a friend the never knew how he could impact others so much. Such a legacy, raising the bar so highthe mentor I never met.

Your comments about his stories and the site would be appreciated. And Royal, if you knew him, how about enlightening us on this passionate man and his hobby?

This story is exactly why I am not waiting until I am 65 or 70 to retire. I just want more than FIVE YEARS! This is exactly why I am retiring, should I live so long, at 60 years and 8 months. This is exactly why I am not going to wait until my kids all finish college.

Am I selfish? Probably. But I want more than 8 months like my Daddy had. I want more than five years. I want to be a pain in the @#$%& to the Corps of Engineers and to the Army and draw a bunch of retirement checks from them. Life does not have to be fair, but I can decide when I retire. I'm sure Norm would have retired earlier, hind sight being twenty-twenty. The real treasure, as Norm said, is NOT in the sand.

Thanks for comin along. Now, go with Norm for a little while and tell me what you think. <><

Arkie John


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