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T2 question
Posted by: brianc577
Date: November 19, 2016 02:46PM
I love the T2, but pinpointing is really hard. The target is under the coil stem is at the end of the coil. My holes are huge! Any advi e? My pinpointed intervetres with the machine, is that bad? The machine starts going crazy and I have to uxsee the vibrating to locate the target. Any help is appreciated.

Re: T2 question
Posted by: Mega
Date: November 19, 2016 03:02PM
On the stock coil that comes with the T2 on the top and the bottom of the coil covers are a 1/2'' round mark in the plastic !! those are not the plastic mould holes those are infact the pinpointing marks on the coil,regarding after market coils then of course they dont have those pinpointing marks,so the best way if using a fter market coil in just put a few coin targets down on the ground and see how they respond in regarding the position of the target under the coil and take a mental not.Not alot else too suggest on that one,pinpointing is usually spot on excuse the pun.

Regarding the pinpointing,alot of pinpointers work on a similar freq to the detector and can 'crosstalk' as its called,its nothing wrong as such its just both electrical signals crosstalk and nothing wrong with the detector or probe,you may try keeping the detector slightly on one side away from the probe and that may reduce the problem,or another possible solution might be try changing the freq shift and try one of the other freq either higher or lower and that may reduce the problem,but the shift in freq is only very small but may do the trick.

Its not unique with the T2 either,my Deus and Garrett probe cross talk as well,my suggestions may or may not help,but you are not alone for sure.

These are the main machines that i use on my permissions here in the UK,Deusx2,DFX,IDX Pro,B3,T2,TDI Pro Pulse c/w 20'' Mono,Mirage Pulse,Crossbow Pulse,Nexus MP,Nexus SE dual 9'' coil the bad boy,Vaquero,Fisher TW-5 twin box and few others.

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Re: T2 question
Posted by: Snap On Man
Date: November 19, 2016 08:05PM
I had the same problem you are having and I ordered a NEL Sharpshooter coil and I love the coil and pinpointing is much easier. Also much lighter and better balanced.

Re: T2 question
Posted by: Digger70pa
Date: December 24, 2016 09:46AM
I use a 15" coil most of the time & I use the front point of the coil to pinpoint. I'll center the target under the coil & walk the coil back til the target stops responding. The target is just in front of the tip of the coil then.

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Re: T2 question
Posted by: Texas Ed
Date: December 30, 2016 12:01PM
Build yourself a coin - trash & jewelry garden with the items buried at various depths - make sure that you ground balance machine and practice.

Texas ED

Re: T2 question
Posted by: Radianman
Date: January 02, 2017 03:50PM
Just been testing new T2 as a backup to my E-Tracs. It pinpointed very accurately for me. Right by the marks as another person said. I am using the XPointer with zero interference. Popped a nickel out in my front yard that I had missed with my E-Trac!

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