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gold finder gf2
Posted by: Pombo2000
Date: January 29, 2017 06:07AM
hello guys

i bought gold finder gf2 from china, and a mars tiger coil.

the metal detector sometimes produce low chattering and is stable.
but yesterday the chattering is very high i was near power lines, the grass was wet and the ground was frozen.
my setup is sens.75 discr.45 tone. 2+
this is a problem of my machine or teknetics t2 in general?

i open control box and this is the pcb


Re: gold finder gf2
Posted by: amberjack
Date: January 29, 2017 06:24AM
its not a teknetics detector its a made in china clone or some will say fake.

its not going to perform like a real teknetics T2 .


Re: gold finder gf2
Posted by: lytle78
Date: January 29, 2017 07:32AM
The circuit board tells the tale. The right hand edge says Teknetics - the bottom edge says GF. This is a classic - a classic Chimese pirate detector. It was not made by Teknetics but by some sweatshop in China. It is contraband and illegal. I am assuming that you live outside the US, since such items are routinely seized by US customs when folks try to import them. Did you buy it from a local dealer or online from China? Yoummight be able to return it if local.

You might have an emi issue, turn down the sensitivity and check the ground balance.

Rick Kempf

Re: gold finder gf2
Posted by: Pombo2000
Date: January 29, 2017 11:57AM
i live in italy and i bought gf2 oline because in italy teknetics t2 cost 600€.

i wait sven opinion i have read he bought and try gf2

thanks for other advice

Re: gold finder gf2
Posted by: Pombo2000
Date: February 01, 2017 01:58PM
how i can contact sven?

Re: gold finder gf2
Posted by: Sven
Date: February 01, 2017 07:37PM
All depends upon which China manufacturer you bought the GF2 from, some are terrible others are excellent. A gamble.
Soldering of parts can look sloppy.
The coils that come with them are generally poorly manufactured, in the end you need to buy an after market search coil.
Overseas countries don't seem to have an issue importing the GF2's thru their Customs. Like Lytle says it could be seized by US Customs if imported into the US.

Add it all up and you would have been better to get a newer genuine Teknetics Classic T2.

Quest Pro & Q40, Nokta Impact
Self built Mirage Pi's --- they work great in trashy areas!!

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Re: gold finder gf2
Posted by: Pombo2000
Date: February 03, 2017 03:35PM
Thanks sven

I bought the gf2 from here,113,

And after i bought mars md Tiger coil

This weekend i try another time in that field. The grass will be wet but the ground will not be frozen

Re: gold finder gf2
Posted by: Pastor bob
Date: March 15, 2017 08:21AM
Went to this website. Holy Cow! They claim it will find coins 20-30 inches down. Hint for the future. When the website language is written in broken English that should be the first clue something is not right. All the detectors there look counterfeit to me. There are plenty of reputable dealers I am sure in Europe that would be better for you.

Re: gold finder gf2
Posted by: lytle78
Date: March 15, 2017 10:57AM
Just find a car with a gold bug pro on the seat - break the window - now you have an even cheaper stolen machine.

It''s theft of intellectual property - don't support thieves.

Rick Kempf

Re: gold finder gf2
Posted by: Jackpine Savage
Date: March 16, 2017 02:54AM
That same detector was on US ebay a while back. When I realized what they were I reported them to ebay and the listing(s) were taken down.


Save the Concentrics

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Re: gold finder gf2
Posted by: eSCANZ
Date: April 05, 2017 05:13PM
Ironically that very same Chinese Manufacturer sells those to the Ukraine where they fit them with a M@Rs coil, then market them as Viking's - These Vikings are being sold in conjunction with the genuine Teknetics models as they (the Ukraine Viking Seller) are also the Ukraine Distributor for Teknetics and other FT products -

I have no idea why they can keep their distributorship when clearly they are selling, what appears to many as a knock-off/counterfeit T2

As for your 'chattering problems' did you try frequency shift? - When I was using the GPP it used to interfere with the GF2 until I changed freq - in those conditions that you have shared I can say that the GF2's that I have tested appear to be chatty as well - I usually knock the Sens back to 60 - Disc 26 - 2 tone - I hope this helps -

Finally you have highlighted a point I had brought up a while ago - In quite a few foreign countries, its easier to get your hands on a Chinese unit than trying to get one out of the USA - Personally, I believe those that buy their stuff should be able to purchase from the USA direct as its not just mainly price that draws people to Chinese products but the fact that they are easier to get & their support is not too bad either -

I hope this helps

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