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Infinium: and a lot of beach to cover
Posted by: cymro
Date: October 07, 2011 12:58AM
A few days ago I was detecting along one of my favourite beaches and enjoying the usual state for a Tasmanian beach, no people, and very few targets. When I was surprised to find a woman standing just behind me saying excuse me now this startled me for 2 reasons one I did not hear her come up behind me (headphones) and that she was definitely under 50 years of age. Most of the walkers that I meet are fairly well on in years and being towed along by a dog that usually is hell bent on biting my detector coil.

She asked me how much I charged for finding a missing ring, I stated that I did not charge and asked where the ring had been lost. It turned out that the ring had been lost around 400 meters from where we were standing and then she added 2 years ago!!!

Since then I have spent about 12 hours searching the area without much success and here is a photo record of my efforts so far.

The track show my efforts at gridding the area .

I drag my spade behind me and it works out quite well.

A lot of area to cover though

Cleaning the beach, plenty of rubbish

Some of it very deep.

I will continue to search until I run out of targets; you never know the next one might be the wedding ring.


Re: Infinium: and a lot of beach to cover
Posted by: Crispy Critter
Date: October 07, 2011 06:27AM
Dave.....I give you an "A" for effort :clapping: I hope that you eventually find your target.

Do I see one of the solid coil covers on your coil? I've got one. Haven't used it yet though. How do you like yours? It looks like it would fill with sand and get heavy but I guess if one were to dunk it in the water regularly that it would be ok? I noticed too that the cover is a little difficult to put on and take off of the coil.

Thanks for posting.
crispy critter

Re: Infinium: and a lot of beach to cover
Posted by: cymro
Date: October 07, 2011 07:12PM
Hi Crispy

Yes I use the solid coil cover it saves a lot of wear and tear on the bottom of the coil, some areas of the beach are very rocky, so a bit of protection helps.

I do exactly what you said I dunk it in the water to clear any build of sand and this works well.

If I detect in the water I take the cover off as it makes the coil to hard too move through the water.

You are right it is difficult to take on and off, but I use 2 plastic paint scrapers and gradually ease it off the coil. Putting it back is easier.

All the best


Located in Tasmania

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