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Sad or Glad
Posted by: daddyflea
Date: January 02, 2017 02:59PM
Don't know how I feel. I bought a 6" DD and wound up with 2 Sun ray X-8 coils. My thinking was the X-8 was just a little deeper than my Coiltec 10X5 and left a little less foot print. I have to admit the Coiltek 10X5 is my favorite coil for the Etrac.

I went to an old Park where I pulled some good coins with my Coiltek 10X5, put on the Detech 6" and scoured the area. Did not find one missed Coin. Put on the X-8 and went to another area and again not one Coin. I did hit a few targets. It did not seem that the X-8 was any deeper than the Coiltek.

I was then discouraged and went to a really old large site I had not hunted. Put on the stock Coil. I found 31 cents in clad. Not one old Coin. In fact Targets period were very few.

First time in a long time I have hunted several hours and not added anything to my coin collection. I guess I should be glad I did not miss something.

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Re: Sad or Glad
Posted by: chipper97
Date: January 02, 2017 04:10PM
Yep, it's getting tough out there daddyflea, regardless of machines, coil combos, etc. Didn't know how good I had it back in the 90's with my CZ 5 and all those great spots. Went out yesterday with my E-trac to a field that produced all kinds of old coins back in the day, 2 center's, gaggles of Indians, shield nickles, largies, seated silver, old buttons, etc. Now I know when I go back I'm not going to be raking them in but though I come home disappointed more often than not, it will still give up an occasional cool item. Yesterday I nabbed an 1856 Large cent and an old ring that must've been gold plated. It's just green now but has 18k stamped on the inside. I was out there six hours. A pouch full of shot gun shells, rivets etc. But it was a blast to find the largie and that ring. All my former big producers are just trickling them out now. It is sad in a way, but like you say you can be glad that you got there when you did and found some nice items. It's more challenging these days. I do lot's more research than I used to and learning about the history of my area has been fun in it's own right. Plus I expect I'll eventually find a spot or two that will be somewhat more productive than the good ole spots are now. Maybe I'll even hit a semi-virgin site! But yeah, it's still a downer to come home empty handed. But plenty of good days are still ahead! I guess these days we just have to remind ourselves it's just fun to have the opportunity to get out there and still have a shot at digging the find of a lifetime. Who knows it may be the next hunt! Good luck to you in 2017!

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