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TDI pro beach ?
Posted by: Sand dog
Date: June 19, 2017 08:55AM
What's the best way to set up the tdi pro for salt beach? I hear mixed opinions about ground balancing or not ground balancing. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks


Re: TDI pro beach ?
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: June 19, 2017 09:13AM
IF you can operate with no GB you get the best depth.

Re: TDI pro beach ?
Posted by: lytle78
Date: June 19, 2017 11:32AM
GB off should not be a problem except maybe on black sand - by far best depth that way.

Rick Kempf

Re: TDI pro beach ?
Posted by: cjc
Date: June 21, 2017 01:02PM
You can always smooth it out with some delay or low (or high) threshold. Deep as it is--the conductive salt with bring up responses even deeper. Haven't had mine in yet can't wait.

Re: TDI pro beach ?
Posted by: Sand dog
Date: June 21, 2017 01:55PM
Thanks for the help I appreciate it, I see more and more excals and ctx's on the beaches I detect so I'm determined to learn the TDI pro and hopefully get the stuff they can't reach.

Thanks John

Re: TDI pro beach ?
Posted by: markg
Date: June 23, 2017 02:00PM
I run mine with GB off and gain 6-7. I've been amazed at what comes from 6-10", my first silver at the coast came from the TDI SL.
If black sand is a problem I bump up the delay a tad.
Amazing machine.

To build confidence, bury a few items, with fishing line attached "of course" and play.
Way outperforms the best VLF machines in the set sand areas.

Re: TDI pro beach ?
Posted by: Flbchbm
Date: July 05, 2017 07:44AM
I run mine on the east coast with no ground balance, gain at max. Beaches are so heavily hunted that the vast majority of targets I find are at 8+ inches. Prepare to dig a lot of deep holes. If you don't already have a sand scoop, get one. They are much better than a regular shovel, especially when you get to the wet sand areas where you start to see water in your holes.

Re: TDI pro beach ?
Posted by: sandbandit
Date: July 16, 2017 09:00PM
One thing I noticed about the TDI Pro - when it's powered ON, any other metal detector running close by to you seems to get blown away. Discovered this on our local beaches when other metal detectorists got close to where I was detecting throughout the day - they had to move further away due to interference. Their magnetic field didn't bother the TDI Pro when they got close to me, but the TDI Pro's magnetic field sure seemed to affect their detector's operation. Just an observation.

Re: TDI pro beach ?
Posted by: cjc
Date: October 23, 2017 05:33PM
My first salt trial with this machine was disappointing--it really sounded off in the surge. I've since done a lot of bench testing and discovered that the settings I had were way too low. The Pro can be run down at 11:00 o'clock Gain and 1:00 o'clock delay and still perform well. The key is in the threshold--when it's turned way up the faint range is much more available. don't live on the sea looking forwards to another try. Given that the GQA2 and CS6PI run smoothly down lower than 17 uSc it's still a surprise though.

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