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New TDI SL user and a couple of questions
Posted by: Bill W.
Date: November 10, 2017 04:32PM
I just recently bought a TDI SL with the 12" dual field on. I only have about 2 hours of hunting with it. I've already dug my share of nails. I was wondering if the audio is different with iron. I dug a few nails that sounded on the smoother side in tone. In air tests, I can tell it's iron... in the ground ... not so much. On the back of my SL there's chart that says use 7 for ground balance. If I use a ground balance of 4 like most say to use I don't get any audio from low hitting IHPs. I do get audio on the IHP when I use a ground balance of 6 or so. These are really low hitting IHPs but they aren't 'fatty's'. Also, how much does my ground dictate the 4 in ground balance? Meaning, if I ground balance at 8, should the ground balance number for the coin setup change if I ground balance at 9? I hope you follow what I'm saying.

As I push the pulse delay up, it decreases sensitivity to lower/smaller conductors. Higher pulse delay number are also poorer at iron rejection. Is this right?

I was also wondering how badly the SL suffers from masking due to trash. Knowing this will help me pick a coil for the parks I hunt during the summer. I hunt a lot of farm fields in fall and spring that previously had schools, churches or homes on. During the summer I hunt parks more. I was looking at the Nugget Finder 6 x 8 'Sadie' coil for park hunting and heavier trash areas. I've seen some good reviews on it and I'm leaning towards it. I also was looking at the Miner John 6" folded mono which might be a better size. I've also looked at a Detech 11 x 6 mono but I think that's too big for a trashy site. I am not a newbie to detecting. I've been doing if for 17 years or so. Although, I am new to pulse detectors. I currently own an Minelab Explorer, Makro Racer and XP Deus. They all excel at different aspects of detecting. I've owned quite a few detectors over the years. I want to learn the SL as best as I can while I'm field hunting. It's much easier to dig holes. :) I have a few sites that signals are deep I'm looking forward to see how the SL does. I live in Western Pennsylvania and the coal cinders are a real pain at some of my sites.


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