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Re: Charles (Upstate NY) . . .
Posted by: Frank in NH
Date: August 29, 2017 02:59PM
Re: Charles (Upstate NY) . . .
Posted by: Busparts
Date: August 29, 2017 03:25PM
I run Basic 1 with full tones, Great for coins, follow everyone else around picking up the coins they miss.

Re: DEUS Inbound!
Posted by: bibelot
Date: August 29, 2017 05:25PM
I'm in upstate NY, finger lakes area and Gary's programs works well for me.The closest I get to a US program is Calabash's relic program, it'll find coins as well as relics.

Makro Racer,XP Deus,Tesoro silver sabre II,
Teknetics T2 classic Minelab CTX 3030, Aka sorex pro

Re: DEUS Inbound!
Posted by: Charles (Upstate NY)
Date: August 29, 2017 07:51PM
calabash digger
How ? There are only so many settings for the deus..... silencer,reactivity,freq,disc etc .. I call myself using the UK style but that has nothing to do with anything other than running a low disc . I wonder how many in the UK actually use Andys or Todds style?? I know Tony N made that comment about Andys and Todds programs for being for the U.S and mine be for all others. The difference in my programs and there is I choose to run a open machine disc -2.5 and full tones and they run a 5 tone setup up and disc 6.0 to 10 and thats it. That doesnt make them country specific the deus doesnt know whether its a confederate button or a german one. Tone breaks might be different for US coins.

Just trust me on this.

Re: DEUS Inbound!
Posted by: BigTony
Date: September 01, 2017 08:53AM
Charles, you sound so excited that I am thinking you are probably right and want to get one now.

Probably why Minelab is bringing out a new machine to compete with the Deus, just my opinion.

Best of luck with the new one


Re: DEUS Inbound!
Posted by: Listener
Date: September 01, 2017 09:47AM
When I'm in Oklahoma I hunt like an Okie. Don't want to appear out of place and I usually do quite well cause it doesn't matter where I'm from. I follow the rules.

Charles, curious to see what you can do with the new detector in places you pounded with the Explorers. Keep us posted.N/T
Posted by: Chris(SoCenWI)
Date: September 03, 2017 01:19PM

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