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CTX 3030 Tech Question
Posted by: Decanfrost
Date: September 19, 2017 12:54AM
Hi all.
Seeking to run an open screen inTTF in a lot of iron with coins masked by iron.

Can someone explain to me how in say 50 Conductive a copper penny will register ,in High trash mode ,opposed to TTF.Assume wide open screen.
Also and importantly how does a iron object register differently,if any .

I'm wondering how best to hunt out a site that has deep coins,alongside ALOT of trash and was wondering about this.
If masking from iron is THE problem will a different AUDIO selection(eg TTF or Combined) help and OR place the cursor in a different place.
Just to complicate things further.I feel iron will move around on the screen given the above coupled with different Search modes.

Thanks for any assistance.

Re: CTX 3030 Tech Question
Posted by: jerseyjim
Date: October 05, 2017 03:45PM
To make it simple, Iron will make a grunt sound and the cursor will be on the bottom.You can get a wrap around, were it will be on top of the screen.The penny will have a higher tone and the cursor will be around 12/43. If the site has a lot of iron, I wouldn't hunt it with a wide open screen.I can't handle all the beeping.Use a screen with some discrimination to prevent wrap around, This is only my personal preference, I like to hunt trashy areas in combined and some discrimination.. I know other people do it differently. Try setting up a card with rusty nails and some good targets. At least you will have some idea of how it will react in different modes. Make a test garden if you haven't done so already. Have fun,


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