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Vacation Finds from late September, before cleaning
Posted by: 407floyd
Date: October 14, 2017 07:59PM
Went to 4 different sites during vacation and scoured them with a DFX and V3. Will post additional pics once I'm able to clean some of these relics.

Whites DFX
Whites V3
Eclipse 5.3
Whites 9.5"concentric
Eclipse 1400 DD
10"x12" SEF
4"x 6" Shooter

Re: Vacation Finds from late September, before cleaning
Posted by: timwied
Date: October 23, 2017 07:35PM
Looks interesting for sure! Can't wait to see the finished product! Looks like a good vacation! My wife likes to see the stuff I find, but don't go out with me.

Fisher F4, Garrett Pro Pinpointer, Garrett Pro Pinpointer Pro AT, Deluth Fire Hose Flex Pants, Lookin for Gold! Started Detecting December 31, 2013, Oldest 2014 - 1861 Seated Liberty Dime. Oldest 2015 - 1863 & 1864 Indian Head Cents, 1 foot apart. Oldest 2016 - 1700's Chinese Cash Coin & Fatty, no date, 1860-1864 Indian Head Cent, 2. Two 52 caliber ringtail sharps Confederate Bullets, and 4 pistol balls in the same hole. Two Union Bullets, one is 58 caliber Williams Cleaner.

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