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The form below is up and running. Go through your DFX and pick out the program you have programmed to give you the best results. Please write it down in a step by step fashion. We have the form here for you to pick out which program you started with and then give you the opportunity to tell us what you changed and maybe a comment added for you to tell us why. Once you fill it out you will see what has been added once you've hit the submit button. You can print out a hard copy right away for yourself. You'll like the format it comes in. If  you have a suggestion or other please let me know what it is. Dave will remove a portion of those contributed and have links to the ones he feels are most valueable. The forms are stored on the server as well as giving you a copy to print when done. If you prefer and if you want to help out I will send you an EXCEL spread sheet for you to model after that I will convert to the format you will see in Dave's program. Just attach it to me when finished and let me know it's coming as an attachment. Incidentally the background image was provided by Dave Z. from his collection.

If you don't say what area your program is set up for I doubt we'd use it. So please give out all the information possible.

Thanks... Guvner..

Here's the first programs for you to start playing with!

DFX Sweep Speed Chart

Dave Z. NY No Trash Starter Program
(There's tips at the end to bump the program for use in trash.)

New Program from DVE VA (10-28-2005)

Rudy Europeon Program
Robert Rumsey Program

CoenWolfs UK Program

Scott(Maine) Program
Chris Tuttle EEPROM HI-PRO tweaked for Bad Ground
BobMO Custom Program
Ronald R. Rathbun Program

Glossary of Metal Detecting terms for the DFX and other metal detectors by Art Abshire. Thanks Art.. Very nice!

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DFX Custom Input Form

Default Program Being Used is:

Enter what changes you have made to the above programs defaults.

What State/Country is this for:

Your program is for: Beach  Land

Basic Adjustments:

Target Volume:

Audio Threshold:


Audio Discrimination:  ON  OFF

Silent Search:  ON  OFF

Mixed Mode:  ON   OFF

AC Sensitivity:

DC Sensitivity:


Pro Options:

Ratchet Pin Point:  ON  OFF

S.A.T. Speed:

Tone ID:  ON  OFF

V.C.O.:  ON  OFF

Modulation:  ON  OFF

AutoTrac:  ON  OFF

Track View:  ON  OFF

AutoTrac Speed:

AutoTrac Offset:

Track Inhibit:  ON  OFF

Coarse G.E.B.:

Fine G.E.B.:

Discrimination Edit:

Block Edit:

Learn/Accept:  ON  OFF

Learn/Reject:  ON  OFF

Recovery Speed:

Bottlecap Reject:

Hot Rock Reject:

Sweep Speed:

Ground Filtering:

Visual Discrmination:  ON  OFF


V.D.I. Sensitivity:

DC Phase:  ON  OFF

Graph Averaging:  ON   OFF

Graph Accumulate:  ON   OFF

Fade Rate:

Preamp Gain:

2 Frequency (Best Data):  ON  OFF

2 Frequency (Correlate):  ON  OFF

V.D.I. Normalized:  ON   OFF

1 Frequency (3 kHz): ON  OFF

1 Frequency (15 kHz):  ON   OFF

Enter any comments you might have on the above in the space provided below:

Tell us how to get in touch with you if you so desire. We will label the program as your favorite if we publish it. All rights to programs are relinquished by publishing them here. By filling this out you are releasing them to the public for all to use. You can leave this blank too.


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Revised: October 28, 2005.

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