Find�s Treasure Forums has many features that will help you find the information you need to get into metal detecting. Here are some things you need to know about the site.

1.       First off there is a �Search Messages� feature where you can put in a few search terms into the dialogue box, pick out the search terms that match what you are trying to search for, (The drop down box that lets you choose �All Words�, �Any Words� or �Exact Phrase� and then pick out which forum you think would help you the most. By default if you don�t choose one Find�s many forums it searches all of the forums which might be what you wanted to do to begin with. Secondly you can choose the time line you want to run your search in. You can pick the last 30 days, the last 90 days, the last year or �All Dates� which searches everything in Find�s posts for your search term. Secondly there is a �Search Authors� search which simply means you have a known poster (you are using his screen name) and are interested in what he posted. So if you know the poster you want to search goes by the name of Digger you input his name in the �Search Authors� dialogue box and then pick out the forums and the dates you are interested in as mentioned above on your keyword search description. You also can combine them by putting the author�s name and a keyword you think he may have posted about. You are then on your way. If you get confused just post about it and someone will see your post and give you the help needed. We strongly encourage you to post here and strongly discourage regular posters from ever giving a new member a hard time. If you don�t feel you want to search, ask the question. If someone decides they are the �forum police� and don�t like you not searching they�ll be in much more trouble than they thought you were in. Please post. We encourage new members to do what makes them comfortable.

2.       If you are trying to figure out who might be in charge or just be the most help to you just look at one of the posts and see if there�s any information on the poster in the upper right hand corner of any of that persons post and you�ll see a tag such as �Moderator� if that happens to be what they are. Most users are just members like you and really just want to participate in the Find�s Treasure Forums community. And that means help. You�ll get a lot of good advice from fellow members who have been through starting up in this hobby and will be able to offer a lot of good advice.

3.       Once you actually register at Find�s you will be required to wait 3 weeks before being allowed to message other members. This has nothing to do with you but has to do with unscrupulous sellers trying to get into our forum with fake names and ID�s in an attempt to sell their wares on our Classified Metal Detecting Forum. We shut down them being able to quickly register and then sell their stuff and they went away fast. Hence we kept that in place. Don�t worry 3 weeks isn�t that long and you can immediately post on any of our user forums. You cannot post on the classifieds for the three weeks for the reasons I just spoke about as we can�t tell a new user from an unscrupulous seller.

4.       We encourage you to use the �Chat� placed here by the sponsor of this forum and enter the code that describes why you are here. If you are just wanting shopping help I would enter "Holiday" into the chat box along with your first name. If you are a new hobbyist then enter "Value" along with your first name to get the help you need.

5.       Learn the code of ethics of our hobby. This should be explained to you by Kellyco or anyone on the forums if you ask. Basically you refill all holes dug in private or public property and always ask for permission to hunt any private area and read signs on public areas in case metal detecting is banned.  There�s more so ask.