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Nokta / Makro Detection Technologies Forum

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AnnouncementJust got the sad news. Our Administrator here, Elton has passed away suddenly...02/21/2019 08:56PM
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There is now a Classroom Forum for the new Anfibio Detector.

by Guvner
322 102/02/2019 10:09PM
Last Post by Guvner

Nokta/Makro have merged. Nokta / Makro Detection Technologies is their new name.

by Elton
1,252 401/27/2019 09:19AM
Last Post by Elton

Nokta Fors core in Iron

by u2robert
1,124 702/21/2019 06:16PM
Last Post by david bull

MK update question

by elvis earnhardt
115 302/21/2019 10:28AM
Last Post by elvis earnhardt

Anyone trying the New 11" Impact coil..

by Joseph in Alabama
100 102/21/2019 08:01AM
Last Post by Joseph in Alabama

Anfibio coil on Kruzer

by kevinnc
188 202/20/2019 09:05PM
Last Post by rebel pride

New Anfibio User

by Sataro
728 802/20/2019 06:43PM
Last Post by Sataro

Nokta AU Gold Finder

by u2robert
203 302/20/2019 07:17AM
Last Post by nenadgbeepin

Is Hot ground and a little more in-ground coverage the only reason to use a widescan?

by thump7
240 102/19/2019 10:41PM
Last Post by thump7

smaller amfibio multi coil

by pulltab
453 602/19/2019 08:54PM
Last Post by pulltab

Texas Weather

by Sataro
1,049 902/19/2019 01:36PM
Last Post by Sataro

Nokta pinpointer that pairs with Anfibio/Kruzer???

by pine3874
1,198 702/19/2019 12:00PM
Last Post by galwayboy

Nokta Fors Gold

by u2robert
228 402/18/2019 09:48PM
Last Post by u2robert

Wireless head phones loosing connection

by Brianc
1,663 1002/18/2019 10:54AM
Last Post by David Smith

Looking forward to using my Impact when the weather permits.

by Ron from Michigan
384 402/17/2019 06:23PM
Last Post by Ron from Michigan


by Nokta Detectors
920 902/17/2019 01:25PM
Last Post by rebel pride

60+ hours with the M Kruzer   (Pages: 1 2)

by galwayboy
1,856 1602/17/2019 11:35AM
Last Post by Sataro

multi kruzer depth question

by ddwk1959
506 1002/16/2019 09:41AM
Last Post by Sataro

MK wireless headphone cable

by galwayboy
484 302/15/2019 08:16AM
Last Post by galwayboy

Tell me about the RED Racer.........

by Elton
734 1202/12/2019 12:12AM
Last Post by Druid

Mud n' rain protective cover

by SeaScene
647 802/11/2019 08:02PM
Last Post by Joseph in Alabama

Nokta/Makro waterproof phones

by "Carolina"
1,375 1102/11/2019 07:58PM
Last Post by "Carolina"

Anfibio weight............   (Pages: 1 2)

by James/Texas
1,132 1802/06/2019 06:32PM
Last Post by James/Texas

Jumpy/ steady ID on infibido?

by thump7
579 302/06/2019 12:07AM
Last Post by thump7

Anfibio Coil

by rebel pride
476 202/05/2019 12:35PM
Last Post by Druid

Really liking my Anfibio

by Joseph in Alabama
449 402/04/2019 02:30PM
Last Post by HanoverDigger

Identifying target and favorite mode

by The Digger
442 502/04/2019 07:42AM
Last Post by The Digger

Software Update for Anfibio

by The Digger
655 402/03/2019 07:07AM
Last Post by The Digger

MMK and Anfibio coils interchangable?

by Scottowl
449 502/02/2019 10:17PM
Last Post by Sven

Golden Sense Shutoff

by u2robert
365 202/02/2019 04:10PM
Last Post by u2robert

Anfibio Multi working a 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet Shipwreck Beach

by Jack Barlow
1,774 902/01/2019 07:37PM
Last Post by Scottowl

On/Off knob on Racer 2

by trooper424
454 302/01/2019 12:25PM
Last Post by trooper424