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Looking for Pic's of a Waterproofed Sovereign,,

by Waterman
543 108/24/2004 08:25PM
Last Post by Waterman

Wader Classic 1 detector mods

by Clondike Clad
712 208/24/2004 04:58PM
Last Post by Billx

Classic 1 water mod

by Clondike Clad
756 308/21/2004 08:54AM
Last Post by Klondike Clad

Re: Minelab Price increase

by erfani
456 108/20/2004 05:46AM
Last Post by erfani


by Ralph Sun Ray
479 108/19/2004 12:54PM
Last Post by Ralph Sun Ray

Modified Explorer "lighter version"

by Paul (Ca)
1,316 508/19/2004 11:52AM
Last Post by Mike(UK)

Coil connector wiring Image Attachments

by Mark
868 308/15/2004 03:14PM
Last Post by Mark

Need waterproofing help!

by bs
1,474 508/15/2004 07:49AM
Last Post by sandoler

My Explorer XS Hipmount Kit Image Attachments

by rob5
1,674 608/14/2004 03:20PM
Last Post by gravedigger max-va beadh


by dang
749 308/13/2004 05:53PM
Last Post by dang

Excalibur shaft setup

by Rick in California
506 108/13/2004 04:15PM
Last Post by Rick in California

Home made machine

by gary uk
2,994 1108/13/2004 05:51AM
Last Post by Andr

Re: anyone have plans?

by Rick
413 108/12/2004 01:48AM
Last Post by Rick

White's Classic 1 Image Attachments

by Clondike Clad
904 308/10/2004 06:46PM
Last Post by Clondike Clad

whites idx mods Image Attachments

by dang
6,439 1308/07/2004 10:21AM
Last Post by dang

W/B, CS-6 circuit board

by Frank-S
423 108/05/2004 09:06AM
Last Post by Frank-S

Tech question

by Shooting_Star
1,443 308/04/2004 11:37AM
Last Post by Goodrat

Classic ID Trimmers ??

by Michael Scarborough
685 208/03/2004 04:56PM
Last Post by KT315

can i run my euro sabre aa

by dick83
483 108/03/2004 02:14PM
Last Post by dick83

Classic ID Mod's

by Michael Scarborough
544 108/01/2004 10:00AM
Last Post by Michael Scarborough

How does the Uniprobe PI pointer become a VLF??

by Nevada Gary
414 107/31/2004 08:11PM
Last Post by Nevada Gary

MXT, can it be hipmounted?

by Tom1
494 107/29/2004 11:19PM
Last Post by Tom1

Power DD Coil for the GTA-1000? Image Attachments

by Mark
472 107/29/2004 12:05AM
Last Post by Mark

Explorer Rechargable Batteries

by Jeff In North Georgia
426 107/24/2004 09:00PM
Last Post by Jeff In North Georgia

Explorer Metal Arm Cuff

by Jeff in North Georgia
1,168 507/22/2004 01:32AM
Last Post by Mike(UK)

Minelab Power Trio Sale Image Attachments URL

by David@DixieMetalDetectors; Stonewall
499 107/17/2004 11:08AM
Last Post by David@DixieMetalDetectors; Stonewall

CNC Mill is done!!! Image Attachments

by Charles (Upstate NY USA)
1,896 907/16/2004 11:43PM
Last Post by Charles (Upstate NY USA)

Need info on locating potentiometer

by Mr. Bill
1,195 507/12/2004 06:32PM
Last Post by Mr. Bill

bfo Image Attachments

by Kondike Clad
618 207/09/2004 06:35AM
Last Post by Paul (Luxembourg)


by Goodrat
1,082 407/08/2004 03:34PM
Last Post by Paul (Luxembourg)