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Steve Herschbach will moderate the newly named Prospecting Forum.

Steve is a life-long Alaskan who got started prospecting and metal detecting in 1972. He became a dealer for metal detecting and prospecting equipment in 1976 and has for decades answered almost any question imaginable on the subjects. Steve has always kept a prospecting business as a sideline and currently has mining claims through three different partnerships. He has used virtually every model of prospecting detector and has thousands of hours of experience with suction dredges. Steve and his partner sold their business to their employees in 2010 and so he is now focusing his efforts on his new website at


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The "Prospecting" Forum

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AnnouncementUpdate on what any of you that want to help John Tracy (JMT Detectors) on the tragic loss of his wife. Him and his kids need help.04/25/2018 04:31PM
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water pump URL

by yankee joe
1,375 202/25/2016 10:36AM
Last Post by Flintstone

Where to nugget shoot in casa grade area

by Steve ortega
2,202 302/23/2016 02:57PM
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tri/quad jet building

by yankee joe
2,095 302/23/2016 01:38PM
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New toys for spring Jpeg Attachments

by Waynos
2,305 302/14/2016 09:26AM
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moddified my Angus Mackirk alaskan flair with a screen Jpeg Attachments

by amcjavelin
1,871 202/05/2016 10:26PM
Last Post by machineman

Whites MXT all PRO or Fisher F75 LTD ?????

by St Bernard
7,011 1002/03/2016 05:43PM
Last Post by Tom Slick

Gold Hog just released 2 new sluices !

by amcjavelin
1,445 101/31/2016 01:55PM
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is the DP forum down ?N/T

by pax
1,247 101/29/2016 09:19PM
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Setting up the F75 SE LTD for prospecting ????

by St Bernard
1,984 301/29/2016 12:37PM
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Racer Gold

by berryman
4,898 1001/26/2016 08:34AM
Last Post by amberjack

Crevice Tool

by Waynos
1,207 101/16/2016 06:13AM
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which coil for MXT

by artifactjack
2,031 401/11/2016 11:14AM
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under cut riffle

by yankee joe
1,085 101/10/2016 08:46AM
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What detector for gold would be your choise?????

by St Bernard
2,318 412/30/2015 03:49PM
Last Post by woody86

White Bird Idaho gold nugget theft URL

by salmonriverhotrock
1,461 112/24/2015 12:31PM
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fairbanks wear do i go to metal detect for gold

by razerback408
2,243 312/19/2015 08:06AM
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Makro Gold Racer First Look Jpeg Attachments

by steve herschbach
4,171 712/11/2015 11:24AM
Last Post by steve herschbach


by Nokta Detectors
1,092 112/09/2015 11:03AM
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Truck Treasure Video Attachments

by montereymacgyver
1,307 112/05/2015 08:03PM
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Minelab Treasure Talk - Hot GPZ Settings Jpeg Attachments URL

by steve herschbach
1,231 111/18/2015 12:52PM
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Gold Hog will have a version of there own stream sluice!

by amcjavelin
1,516 311/07/2015 03:31PM
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XP Deus ?

by reconj
2,452 611/01/2015 03:10PM
Last Post by onemoreswing

Anyone use a 3 x 7 on a GBP?

by machineman
2,418 810/31/2015 06:55PM
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Nome Alaska Mineralization ?

by reconj
1,077 210/31/2015 01:15AM
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Friends at the claim and a new toy Video Attachments

by montereymacgyver
1,306 210/28/2015 04:38PM
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just some panning questions?

by amcjavelin
1,503 410/19/2015 10:53PM
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Angus Mackirk alaskan flair bucket grizzly mod! Video Attachments

by amcjavelin
1,629 410/19/2015 10:08AM
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the Thomas Creek gold sluice in action! Video Attachments

by amcjavelin
2,000 510/18/2015 06:59AM
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FORS GOLD + COMING SOON Jpeg Attachments

by Nokta Detectors
1,564 310/15/2015 10:34AM
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East Bay Prospectors Outing Oct 2015 Video Attachments

by montereymacgyver
998 110/13/2015 11:34AM
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