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Minelab Safari/Quattro Forum

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Identity theft... :nono:

by Bill Ladd
573 106/27/2005 08:23AM
Last Post by Bill Ladd

I got the war nickle of Ohio Coinhunters

by Rick(ND)
1,878 506/24/2005 05:56PM
Last Post by Mike (Virginia Beach)

Thank you Minelab's service Department

by Tony from Tidewater
549 106/24/2005 03:07PM
Last Post by Tony from Tidewater

Dug Another War Nickel That Read 32 On The Meter Jpeg Attachments

by Ohio Coinhunter
1,346 406/22/2005 10:33PM
Last Post by Mike (Virginia Beach)

Today's Finds Jpeg Attachments

by Ohio Coinhunter
790 106/22/2005 08:53PM
Last Post by Ohio Coinhunter

Quattro Finds First Silver!! Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by Ohio Coinhunter
6,303 1906/19/2005 11:05PM
Last Post by Rick(ND)

Today's Finds.. Jpeg Attachments

by Ohio Coinhunter
741 106/19/2005 04:51PM
Last Post by Ohio Coinhunter

Quattro nabs my first ring! ! !

by OLYhunter
1,721 306/18/2005 05:47AM
Last Post by Sand Shagger (NMB)

Gold Nuggets with Quattro

by NastyJoe
1,090 206/18/2005 04:55AM
Last Post by Garry( Australia )


by johnny nj
1,919 506/17/2005 06:02PM
Last Post by johnny nj

My first day with Quattro Jpeg Attachments

by Danny(GA)
1,484 306/16/2005 11:33PM
Last Post by Mike (Virginia Beach)

Depth Meter Problem...

by Ohio Coinhunter
2,741 706/16/2005 08:25PM
Last Post by Ohio Coinhunter

First day out with my new Quattro :)

by OLYhunter
706 106/16/2005 04:27PM
Last Post by OLYhunter

sweep speed ?

by Dennis 2
654 106/15/2005 08:11AM
Last Post by Dennis 2

quattro for sale

by Alan
1,730 306/15/2005 05:21AM
Last Post by halfdollar

Curious... Are there many Quattro users? If so, how come no one seems to post?

by Ohio Coinhunter
3,874 806/14/2005 04:58PM
Last Post by Sanddigger

Problem with Quattro LCD Display

by NastyJoe
3,730 806/14/2005 01:40PM
Last Post by Chuck D

Sensitivity & Depth Question...

by Ohio Coinhunter
1,307 206/11/2005 12:36AM
Last Post by Rick(ND)

Pin -Point ?

by Dennis 2
2,302 606/09/2005 01:51PM
Last Post by Sand Shagger (NMB)


by johnny nj
1,208 206/08/2005 04:42AM
Last Post by Sand Shagger (NMB)

Question ref QUATTRO with GRAY GHOST Headphones

by Sand Shagger (NMB)
2,440 606/07/2005 03:30AM
Last Post by Sand Shagger (NMB)

Need input on Quattro

by Tony In SC
11,510 1506/07/2005 02:55AM
Last Post by yogaguy

Threshold (hum ) ?

by Dennis 2
1,775 306/06/2005 07:10AM
Last Post by Dennis 2

Over 50 Treasure Hunting Rallies!!! URL

by Steve Rice
783 106/05/2005 05:33AM
Last Post by Steve Rice

How Do You Switch To "Manual" Sensitivity?

by Ohio Coinhunter
2,476 405/29/2005 10:19AM
Last Post by Ohio Coinhunter

is there a difference between minelab quattro, and quattro mp? Are they the same machine? And, is it safe to buy used?

by yogaguy
2,885 405/28/2005 08:05PM
Last Post by Mike (Virginia Beach)

Mike VA Beach

by Sanddigger
2,002 405/27/2005 05:36PM
Last Post by Mike (Virginia Beach)

I have heard the.....

by Dean (Whitby Canada)
1,537 205/24/2005 06:42PM
Last Post by Mike (Virginia Beach)

Attention Finn55Cats!!! (And just What The Heck Is The Deal With The Cats Again?)

by Mike (Virginia Beach)
1,942 405/23/2005 05:04PM
Last Post by Mike (Virginia Beach)

Hilton Head Island

by waterdawg
1,191 105/22/2005 09:10PM
Last Post by waterdawg