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Fisher 1266 XB Verses Fisher 1235 X Air Test

by Ron from Michigan
225 501/07/2019 09:28PM
Last Post by Ron from Michigan

Price on a cherry 1270 x:fisher:

by C.J.M.
644 401/06/2019 06:14PM
Last Post by u2robert

1266 battery holders same as AT Pro battery holders?

by dirthunter
188 301/01/2019 07:41PM
Last Post by dirthunter

New to me Fisher 1270 Jpeg Attachments

by u2robert
621 1012/31/2018 06:19PM
Last Post by u2robert
This topic has been moved.


by JOHN B.
   This topic has been moved.

What happened to Shooter? Haven't seen him post in a while.

by 88junior
219 112/08/2018 02:37AM
Last Post by 88junior

1270 settings?

by woodchuck1127
676 312/04/2018 09:47PM
Last Post by u2robert

fisher 1266x battery holders

by dirthunter
527 912/04/2018 06:39PM
Last Post by dirthunter

bring back the 1266 x:fisher: Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by C.J.M.
1,421 1912/04/2018 12:51AM
Last Post by joe dirt_1

Is this insane or what?

by u2robert
393 312/03/2018 01:28PM
Last Post by u2robert


by nova74
821 311/28/2018 06:31PM
Last Post by u2robert

1225x circuits

by photovision
407 211/28/2018 06:29PM
Last Post by u2robert

Fisher 1266/65 Battery holders ?

by Harold,ILL.
226 211/28/2018 05:36PM
Last Post by ric44

1270 or 1270-x what's the differance?

by u2robert
277 111/27/2018 11:37AM
Last Post by u2robert

Anybody relic hunting with the C$ ??

by Joseph in Alabama
849 411/10/2018 05:22PM
Last Post by dirthunter

Old Fisher correspondence Jpeg Attachments

by photovision
500 110/06/2018 09:21PM
Last Post by photovision

Coil Cover Question

by Happy_Hour
391 209/21/2018 10:04AM
Last Post by umax

5x10 Coil

by Happy_Hour
382 209/21/2018 10:03AM
Last Post by umax

1266 x coils

by Sweeping-4-junk
995 609/18/2018 10:14AM
Last Post by C.J.M.

Concentric or dd

by Heinyhunt
917 309/12/2018 09:07AM
Last Post by NYIslander

who works on troy detectors

by C.J.M.
473 208/24/2018 10:32PM
Last Post by michael NY

out with the c$ Jpeg Attachments

by michael NY
1,373 707/19/2018 06:25AM
Last Post by mtdoramike

1266 Coil Question

by Happy_Hour
612 207/15/2018 12:10PM
Last Post by straker

1266 Coil Question

by Happy_Hour
1,387 807/11/2018 04:58PM
Last Post by Joseph in Alabama

Fisher 1200's and Confusion About Coils For Them URL

by MarkCZ
5,075 606/16/2018 09:13AM
Last Post by NYIslander
This topic has been moved.

Coinstrike in "hunted out"park today Jpeg Attachments

by u2robert
   This topic has been moved.

1210X Issues

by Tom(Conn)
1,467 305/25/2018 12:20AM
Last Post by BUDWISER

Fisher 1235-X Project Jpeg Attachments

by QMaze
10,550 1305/25/2018 12:00AM
Last Post by BUDWISER

Fisher 1210 X finds. uk Jpeg Attachments

by Sweeping-4-junk
833 205/24/2018 11:13PM
Last Post by BUDWISER

Fisher VLF-555-D

by BigZ696
7,574 1205/20/2018 05:45PM
Last Post by Sweeping-4-junk