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Hey Bill..... Image Attachments

by Tony (NC)
1,634 701/27/2005 06:16PM
Last Post by NamVetLesTreasureSeeker

STOP? Image Attachments

by Bill Ladd-525
720 601/27/2005 06:01PM
Last Post by Bill Ladd-525

Super Bowl Bound again! Image Attachments

by Bill Ladd 525
730 701/27/2005 05:54PM
Last Post by NamVetLesTreasureSeeker

I'm in Tampa and Spring is and on

by Gene
301 101/27/2005 03:21PM
Last Post by Gene

Got my new Exel a couple of weeks ago

by Jerry in PA
798 701/27/2005 08:38AM
Last Post by Gene

Picnic anyone? Image Attachments

by Bill Ladd-525
637 501/26/2005 09:36AM
Last Post by SCOTT. BC

A cool gift from Australia... Image Attachments

by Bavaria Mike
441 301/26/2005 09:08AM
Last Post by Gene

Thank,s for the help bill ladd!! Image Attachments

915 601/26/2005 08:03AM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

Excel in the snow..... Image Attachments

by Bill Ladd-525
790 701/26/2005 07:57AM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

Suggestion for the "administrator"

by wayne_etc
401 201/26/2005 07:51AM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

Shoveling snow? Some culture differences here in Germany...

by Bavaria Mike
665 501/25/2005 09:22PM
Last Post by Darryl (La.)

Hey Mr. Bill.......there's some cuts on the beach! Image Attachments

by Bill Ladd 525
554 301/25/2005 05:47PM
Last Post by NamVetLesTreasureSeeker

First Gold Image Attachments

by w242
1,132 1101/25/2005 03:36PM
Last Post by Ed in Alabama

Excel maiden voyage

by vw242
658 401/25/2005 03:17PM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

The C$ & CZ5 hits some clad this weekend.....

by mtdoramik
734 601/24/2005 03:16PM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

A few Croatian coins I found here in Germany... Image Attachments

by Bavaria Mike
363 201/24/2005 01:51PM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

New C$

by fishers4ever
443 201/24/2005 01:47PM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

What i do when can't deeetect Image Attachments

by Bugar In. USA
590 501/24/2005 11:10AM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

Pre-Civil War Militia button.... Image Attachments

by Bill Ladd 525
1,083 1101/24/2005 10:59AM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

Sun Ray FZ Coil Giveaway!

by Guvner..
363 201/24/2005 10:42AM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

Over 3 hrs on the CZ7A, and I like it! And some pics... Image Attachments

by Bavaria Mike
826 701/24/2005 10:38AM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

3.5 hours in the snow yields a few relics and some fun, pics... Image Attachments

by Bavaria Mike
588 501/23/2005 11:50PM
Last Post by Rod(medhat)

sweep speed

by wayne_etc
418 201/23/2005 09:50AM
Last Post by Mr. Bill

It was brought to my attention today...

by Guvner..
1,073 901/22/2005 06:44AM
Last Post by Bill W.


by Sonny Brown
862 501/22/2005 06:30AM
Last Post by Bill W.

Re: Here's what i put on mine Image Attachments

by Brian (PA)
245 101/22/2005 04:23AM
Last Post by Brian (PA)

C$ Volume Adjustment

by Beachmole
547 301/21/2005 06:16PM
Last Post by Beachmole

C$ vs. CZ-3D...

by RichardnTn
442 201/21/2005 07:31AM
Last Post by mtdoramik

First hunt with the Fisher CZ7A... Image Attachments

by Bavaria Mike
620 401/21/2005 07:25AM
Last Post by Bill Ladd 525

I just received my CZ7A...

by Bavaria Mike
548 401/20/2005 06:44PM
Last Post by Colchester Chris