Steve Gaebel the world famous "Canadian" detectorist will run this forum and help with identifying all of your stranger finds. Hopefully you will enjoy it as he will for sure. Thanks to all of you who frequent our forums. And now a word from "Steve"...

While it's a thrill to dig old coins, often it's all that other stuff in between that makes the hobby so interesting. Locks and lockets, trinkets and toys, badges, buttons, bits and pieces of hardware and tools--the ground is full of these treasures and each one tells a story. Sometimes trying to find out just what you dug can be as much fun as digging them!

So pull on your detective hat (or your best guessing cap) and come on in. This is the place  to post your interesting, unusual or unidentified finds and join in the fun of helping ID the mystery whatzits!  Steve Gaebel

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Whatzit Forum

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Any one know what this is Jpeg Attachments

by mcuch
40 108/13/2018 05:10PM
Last Post by mcuch

Anyone know what kind of coin this is? Jpeg Attachments

by jimmyzr1
189 408/11/2018 07:51AM
Last Post by flinthunter
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Anyone know what kind of coin this is? Jpeg Attachments

by jimmyzr1
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Found the second part of the buckle? Png Attachments Jpeg Attachments

by earthlypotluck
152 408/09/2018 05:30AM
Last Post by rferrari

latches Jpeg Attachments

by Bosbob64
231 408/06/2018 09:15PM
Last Post by Architex
This topic has been moved.

latches Jpeg Attachments

by Bosbob64
   This topic has been moved.

Silver ornate spear and it rattles :blink: Image Attachments

by earthlypotluck
182 307/31/2018 08:25PM
Last Post by taz42o

Badge/Medal? Jpeg Attachments

by Jeff Calzarette
110 207/31/2018 06:24AM
Last Post by brianc577

Diamonds? :rofl: Jpeg Attachments

by earthlypotluck
130 207/30/2018 08:31AM
Last Post by chuck, ky

Found this piece near the shoe buckle Jpeg Attachments

by earthlypotluck
276 307/27/2018 08:25PM
Last Post by earthlypotluck

Old button that was found and never identified Jpeg Attachments

by Foreverteachable
353 807/27/2018 08:21PM
Last Post by earthlypotluck

People's National Bank Token Jpeg Attachments

by coin-star
366 507/25/2018 08:01PM
Last Post by rferrari

Approximate time period of shoe buckle ? Jpeg Attachments

by earthlypotluck
601 1407/20/2018 10:30AM
Last Post by Piedmontartifacts

Strange coin found Jpeg Attachments

by sws33
584 907/20/2018 07:10AM
Last Post by rferrari

Is anyone good at an ID of a piece of pottery

by michael NY
233 307/20/2018 07:03AM
Last Post by rferrari

Decorative Item Jpeg Attachments

by Mike in MN
221 207/20/2018 07:01AM
Last Post by rferrari

60 lb civil war cannon ball " GREAT STORY " Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by Antique lover
17,660 1907/20/2018 06:48AM
Last Post by rferrari

iron relic found what is it ? Jpeg Attachments

by dfmike
493 907/18/2018 09:51PM
Last Post by Piedmontartifacts

What is it.. Jpeg Attachments

by robo
589 506/27/2018 08:12PM
Last Post by rferrari

Strange Token Jpeg Attachments

by Gamma_Joe
316 306/27/2018 08:11PM
Last Post by rferrari

Re: Weird markings on gold charm

by Adria&kevin
342 206/23/2018 04:15PM
Last Post by nicksin

Weird markings on gold ring

by SteveJ
8,115 1006/17/2018 02:58AM
Last Post by Adria&kevin

Native American carving into old tree ??? Jpeg Attachments

by nowforever13
736 1006/10/2018 06:32AM
Last Post by nowforever13

Heavy Uniformly Flattish Round-ish... Whatisit-ish Jpeg Attachments

by 1cat1F2
613 305/29/2018 08:26PM
Last Post by rferrari

Purpose of brass ball Jpeg Attachments

by 407floyd
522 405/21/2018 09:17AM
Last Post by HuntinDog

I don't know what these are for Jpeg Attachments

by Tony (Michigan)
2,364 1205/19/2018 09:35PM
Last Post by 407floyd

Is this a hood ornament, or ... ?? Jpeg Attachments

by Paul in NJ
1,505 505/12/2018 11:56PM
Last Post by nevadamxt

purpose of this mermaid Jpeg Attachments

by osgood
573 405/08/2018 07:46PM
Last Post by rferrari

Identify object Jpeg Attachments

by Curthirsche5
795 705/08/2018 07:43PM
Last Post by rferrari

Three Ringers and iron object. Any clues? Jpeg Attachments

by Ace 350
946 504/30/2018 11:46AM
Last Post by Durrington Dave