Attention Users!

(Updated 07-09-2009)

General Rules

The Finds Treasure Forum Classifieds is for individual use only with the exception of banner advertising buyers. Those buyers may advertise their traded in, discontinued models, etc.

Individual sellers may post their normal unwanted detectors on here, But they cannot exceed (1) one detector in a (3) three month period.

1.These rules apply to all posts made after 7-09-09.

2. Only items that are metal detectors are allowed to be posted on this page. Please use the Accessories Classified Forum page for other metal detecting items.

3. Only For Sale, For Trade, or Wanted to Buy ads are allowed.

4. Only Forum Members Registered for 90 days or longer that have more than 24 significant posts in our other forums, may post For Sale ads.

Rules for Non Sponsoring Sellers

1. Items for sale, or for trade, should be your own personal property and be accurately described.

2. Your for sale or trade post should be self contained, without references to another site where you may also have it for sale. Do not put links to eBay. Do not put links to other forums where you may also have the same item for sale or trade.

3. Dealers are not allowed to post in Classifieds unless they are a sponsor.

Advertisements not adhering to the above rules will be deleted without warning or notification.



Be advised before making ANY purchase to KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH !!!!!!!

The owners, administrators and moderators are not responsible for losses due to scams or any other losses that you may incur.

We the "management" will do our best to weed out scammers and spammers when we are aware of them. This type of activity is not tolerated.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Please respect the site. If someone contacts you about selling you an item that isn't a banner Sponsor on Finds Treasure Forums, we'd appreciate if you'd drop us a line about it. That's how bad things happen when you're dealing with an unknown entity. They know they're not supposed to do that. Realize only an unscrupulous person will try to offer you deals under the table.

Sorry, only registered users may read this forum.