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Minelab X-TERRA Forum

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AnnouncementNon-sponsors are constantly trying to post on here many times in the wrong forums away from our classified. Please report them.03/13/2019 12:15PM
AnnouncementGeneral Rules :Updated 11/1/2018 Guvners post03/12/2019 02:13AM
AnnouncementFor those interested in Whites, they stopped sponsoring, BUT03/12/2019 01:58AM
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AnnouncementJust got the sad news. Our Administrator here, Elton has passed away suddenly...03/08/2019 07:16AM
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FAQFAQ.................Frequently Asked Questions Video Attachments URL PDF Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by BarnacleBill
118,163 2303/15/2019 06:46PM
Last Post by justdigging

:minelab: the eBook, "Understanding your X-TERRA", is available FREE :minelab: URL   (Pages: 1 ... 6 7 8)

by Digger
142,828 11502/15/2019 11:38AM
Last Post by Digger

2016 Product Notice For X-Terra Series From Minelab! URL

by Old Longhair
9,469 102/14/2016 11:23PM
Last Post by Old Longhair

Latest News From :coiltec: Image Attachments URL

by Old Longhair
18,053 407/08/2015 09:32AM
Last Post by JCPinCt

crushed limestone

by justdigging
82 303/18/2019 06:51PM
Last Post by justdigging

Recognizing coils

by Donut
74 303/18/2019 05:58PM
Last Post by Donut

705 is a BEAST! Check out my first weekend finds!

by Minehead
112 303/18/2019 01:53PM
Last Post by ngrelic

Anybody still using the XT-70?

by Canewrap
1,091 803/16/2019 06:11PM
Last Post by Donut

Just picked up Xterra 705!

by Minehead
186 603/14/2019 02:08PM
Last Post by Old Longhair

Settings for hunting US coins in mineralized ground?

by 88junior
288 902/25/2019 07:13PM
Last Post by fwcrawford

Button Jpeg Attachments

by WoodsWalker
323 502/17/2019 06:06PM
Last Post by 7centsworth

Dime slayer

by therover
244 202/17/2019 06:04PM
Last Post by 7centsworth

Waterproofing the xterra elliptical coil.

by 0turn
876 1002/09/2019 03:00PM
Last Post by evL

X-terra Coil Ear Gap Fix

by u2robert
426 502/02/2019 12:14AM
Last Post by u2robert

question about nel coils

by jimmy clark
264 201/28/2019 08:24PM
Last Post by Old Longhair

question about 3 kh digger

by jimmy clark
402 301/27/2019 09:15PM
Last Post by 7centsworth

The wife went to bed, so I quit thinking and just didi it.....

by Tired Rooster
2,396 1401/26/2019 11:33AM
Last Post by therover

X-terra 705 depth meter

by u2robert
450 501/25/2019 01:36PM
Last Post by u2robert

After many fruitless months of MDing.... Jpeg Attachments

by homebre
2,009 601/23/2019 08:43PM
Last Post by u2robert

No sound 705

by wygold
2,935 701/23/2019 08:37PM
Last Post by u2robert

Happy New Year Everyone!

by Old Longhair
492 501/17/2019 11:49PM
Last Post by Rich (Utah)

Merry Christmas One and All! Gif Attachments

by Old Longhair
492 512/28/2018 06:52PM
Last Post by 7centsworth

question about the 705s furture

by jimmy clark
720 312/20/2018 01:59PM
Last Post by bulletman

Minelab X Terra 305

by coinspader
2,056 1012/13/2018 05:50PM
Last Post by 7centsworth

ground balancing the X50

by jimmy clark
731 912/03/2018 12:04PM
Last Post by TerryEastTexas

How much offset is needed in tracking GB offset

by TerryEastTexas
590 311/14/2018 12:49AM
Last Post by TerryEastTexas

Back in the saddle again with the 705.

by TerryEastTexas
805 511/12/2018 06:36PM
Last Post by TerryEastTexas

Anyone used Z Lynk on 705?

by swinging
892 511/08/2018 11:26AM
Last Post by Des D


by earthfindings
815 310/11/2018 02:03AM
Last Post by earthfindings

Back to X-terra 705

by EOS
1,965 1110/06/2018 06:46PM
Last Post by Old Longhair

A few X-terra questions.

by bugg
3,977 1410/04/2018 10:03AM
Last Post by Des D

Xterra 70 and Prospecting

by Jessgo33
657 209/15/2018 01:18PM
Last Post by Old Longhair

Curious find from today Jpeg Attachments

by Stuff1180
857 308/18/2018 08:59PM
Last Post by Old Longhair

Sold the xterra to fund a equinox

by Bigtom123
1,847 608/18/2018 02:46PM
Last Post by Bigtom123