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Minelab X-TERRA Forum

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Announcement:garrett: FORUM SPRING CONTEST - Win An Authentic Roman Bronze Coin ( John-Edmonton) :clapping:03/23/2018 02:08AM
AnnouncementTurns out our server problems are that we are getting slammed much harder then ever before. We have added memory and within a month we will have a new server...03/18/2018 08:55PM
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AnnouncementUpdate on what any of you that want to help John Tracy (JMT Detectors) on the tragic loss of his wife. Him and his kids need help.02/04/2018 12:34PM
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:minelab: the eBook, "Understanding your X-TERRA", is available FREE :minelab: URL   (Pages: 1 ... 6 7 8)

by Digger
130,008 11309/23/2017 02:20PM
Last Post by Digger

Where are you from.   (Pages: 1 ... 21 22 23)

by 7centsworth
159,227 33708/08/2017 07:29PM
Last Post by balkoths

FAQFAQ.................Frequently Asked Questions Video Attachments URL PDF Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by BarnacleBill
113,336 2202/04/2017 10:08AM
Last Post by Donut

2016 Product Notice For X-Terra Series From Minelab! URL

by Old Longhair
8,018 102/14/2016 11:23PM
Last Post by Old Longhair

Latest News From :coiltec: Image Attachments URL

by Old Longhair
16,700 407/08/2015 09:32AM
Last Post by JCPinCt

question about 3KHz

by pierre87
1,769 1303/19/2018 06:09PM
Last Post by pierre87

Hf coils

by Bigtom123
268 403/17/2018 02:53PM
Last Post by therover

Xterra 70 still finding civil war relics. Jpeg Attachments

by 7centsworth
220 303/13/2018 02:02PM
Last Post by 7centsworth

What coils

by Crash67
272 703/13/2018 12:56PM
Last Post by Nuke em

First silver fty Jpeg Attachments

by Bigtom123
330 403/13/2018 12:09PM
Last Post by WoodsWalker

Future of the X-terra line-up?

by bulletman
984 703/12/2018 02:27PM
Last Post by Jackpine Savage

Been using the concentric coil

by Bigtom123
286 202/21/2018 04:28AM
Last Post by 7centsworth

counter weight for x50

by jimmy clark
418 302/16/2018 07:10PM
Last Post by pierre87
This topic has been moved.

xterra 705 vs nokta impact

by 0turn
   This topic has been moved.

Finds apparently come at random Jpeg Attachments

by homebre
898 602/10/2018 11:32AM
Last Post by homebre

is the xterra detectors weatherproof?

by jimmy clark
607 802/09/2018 10:52AM
Last Post by 88SIII

I'm guilty! Just acquired my 30th detector. The 705 is still my fav.N/T Jpeg Attachments

by bulletman
1,261 1402/07/2018 03:33AM
Last Post by TerryEastTexas


by emubob
578 401/29/2018 12:16AM
Last Post by Old Longhair

ghost town gives it up to 705 again! Jpeg Attachments

by mike slaw4all
607 401/29/2018 12:15AM
Last Post by Old Longhair

repairing coil ears on a exterra coil

by jimmy clark
934 701/22/2018 03:30PM
Last Post by Robert Hohman Sr.

X-Terra 70 shutting down   (Pages: 1 2)

by paleface
8,268 1701/14/2018 03:55PM
Last Post by Michael64

only for the pleasure Jpeg Attachments

by pierre87
1,066 701/14/2018 11:39AM
Last Post by pierre87

ghost town finds Jpeg Attachments

by mike slaw4all
1,041 401/12/2018 04:30PM
Last Post by pplinker

I'm getting better, somehow Jpeg Attachments

by pplinker
664 401/12/2018 04:18PM
Last Post by pplinker

Quick spin at the old school field..... Jpeg Attachments

by Tired Rooster
828 401/04/2018 04:59AM
Last Post by 7centsworth

New Coil

by RonnieR
733 312/31/2017 09:15AM
Last Post by RonnieR

Hope to try this out over the weekend... Jpeg Attachments

by Tired Rooster
750 412/31/2017 08:58AM
Last Post by 7centsworth

A short afternoon hunt gets me a first... Jpeg Attachments

by Tired Rooster
878 512/30/2017 09:05PM
Last Post by Tired Rooster

Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas Gif Attachments

by Old Longhair
839 512/30/2017 05:50PM
Last Post by WoodsWalker

run over with a plow but i'll take it!! Jpeg Attachments

by mike slaw4all
1,077 812/30/2017 03:29PM
Last Post by Old Longhair

After many fruitless months of MDing.... Jpeg Attachments

by homebre
948 512/30/2017 09:16AM
Last Post by Old Longhair

Older 70 vs 705

by JJames1610
1,334 612/28/2017 07:38PM
Last Post by markg

cost of a exterra 50

by jimmy clark
822 112/25/2017 05:37PM
Last Post by jimmy clark

The wife went to bed, so I quit thinking and just didi it.....

by Tired Rooster
1,084 712/23/2017 08:51AM
Last Post by pplinker

Whats the go to coil for CW relics

by MidTenn
1,177 912/21/2017 02:20PM
Last Post by MidTenn