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Minelab E-TRAC Forum

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AnnouncementCharles Garrett Memorial Hunt 2018 - LIMITED SPACES REMAINING! Weekend of March 24-25, 2018 (rain or shine):twodetecting: New02/19/2018 01:57PM
AnnouncementHEAD UPS -- ABOUT HELP DESK - Submit again if you registered and did not get activated.01/15/2018 09:43PM
AnnouncementUpdate on what any of you that want to help John Tracy (JMT Detectors) on the tragic loss of his wife. Him and his kids need help.02/04/2018 12:34PM
AnnouncementWe are adding SSL to Find's and you will have to remember your password and may have to add an "s" after the http on the address.01/13/2018 11:03PM
AnnouncementPutting a jar of coins together now... Stay Tuned.. Picture of Egytian funerary Sarcophagas Ushabti, 1800 B.C., Luxor area. Donated by Vlad. Contest for it to follow...12/26/2016 10:26AM
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Friday Hunt turns up a bucket list coin Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by diggervance
2,241 1711/27/2017 11:08AM
Last Post by Sooper Dave

Was able to get two hunts in this week at two different parks Jpeg Attachments

by diggervance
1,064 911/27/2017 11:06AM
Last Post by Sooper Dave

Andy Sabisch bootcamp - you should go

by Gilligan110
810 611/27/2017 09:54AM
Last Post by IDXMonster

Property Pins

by Silver Bullet
959 811/25/2017 09:06PM
Last Post by Gilligan110
This topic has been moved.


by daddyflea
   This topic has been moved.

"Made In Ireland"

by 5900_XL-1
1,925 1311/23/2017 10:32AM
Last Post by Mkus

Hunt went better then I thought Jpeg Attachments

by diggervance
2,098 1311/17/2017 09:30AM
Last Post by diggervance

Suddenly Nails Sound like Silver

by Acornhead
1,117 811/15/2017 05:23PM
Last Post by pan4au

E-trac arm cuff

by WV62
1,303 1011/15/2017 06:32AM
Last Post by E-Trac-Ohio

FINALLY a good day with silver! Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by Goes4ever
3,864 2511/12/2017 07:23PM
Last Post by Drakester

Barber dime,Canadian LRG cent, Trade token Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by diggervance
2,758 1711/12/2017 07:20PM
Last Post by Drakester

Does anyone have Andy Sabisch's updated Mode for the E-trac?   (Pages: 1 2)

by Tony (Michigan)
3,996 2311/10/2017 11:44AM
Last Post by brncofan

Barber dime buffalo war nickel Jpeg Attachments

by diggervance
1,254 811/07/2017 11:16PM
Last Post by Rich (Utah)

Another Standing Liberty Quarter / Casted Copper Arrowhead Jpeg Attachments

by floodplaindetector
1,817 1211/07/2017 11:11PM
Last Post by Rich (Utah)

Etrac used prices   (Pages: 1 2)

by mrcolin2u
3,025 1811/07/2017 10:44PM
Last Post by Rich (Utah)

1930 Cadillac Emblem / Barber / Jewlery / Pins / Buttons Jpeg Attachments

by floodplaindetector
1,093 611/06/2017 10:50PM
Last Post by floodplaindetector

Etrac weight

by mrcolin2u
1,719 1111/06/2017 07:25PM
Last Post by Bigtom123

"hunted out" 1860s schoolhouse yields to Etrac open screen Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by sunraysux
3,607 3011/05/2017 09:03PM
Last Post by Silver Bullet

Great Token Day / Another Standing / WW II Sterling Maltese Cross Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by floodplaindetector
3,088 2011/01/2017 12:28AM
Last Post by idahofritz

Old gold Jpeg Attachments

by utmike
2,163 1410/28/2017 05:08PM
Last Post by Sooper Dave

Ring found and returned

by sd51
1,330 1010/27/2017 09:00AM
Last Post by Sooper Dave

Nail Test Revelation

by daddyflea
1,533 610/26/2017 04:11PM
Last Post by diggervance

Rechargable AA batteries

by Richard-N-FL
1,596 1210/24/2017 09:42PM
Last Post by Chris(SoCenWI)


by bigbuck20
1,116 410/19/2017 07:48AM
Last Post by Southwind

Sentimental Gold Ring Jpeg Attachments

by Silver Bullet
978 510/17/2017 06:05PM
Last Post by bootyhoundpa

Time travelling with the Barber Brothers in their Studebaker Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by cz70pro
2,500 1710/17/2017 10:31AM
Last Post by cz70pro

New E trac + Pure luck = Two Silver Dollars! Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by utahshovelhead
14,880 5110/16/2017 11:08PM
Last Post by Rich (Utah)

Why is nulling a bad thing?

by WV62
894 310/16/2017 08:46AM
Last Post by WV62

Swing Speed Too Slow???

by 5900_XL-1
1,154 510/15/2017 02:42PM
Last Post by Tony (Michigan)

etrac performance

by mike k.
1,754 1310/12/2017 01:18PM
Last Post by Nuke em