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Spectra V3 / V3i / VX3 Forum

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by lytle78
1,587 803/19/2009 09:05PM
Last Post by Jason in TN

I have a Vision!   (Pages: 1 2)

by steve herschbach
4,186 2103/19/2009 05:41PM
Last Post by steve herschbach

Netbook/Vision compatability?

by nw1886
656 303/19/2009 04:52PM
Last Post by nw1886

I think this is an April fool joke.

1,220 403/19/2009 03:29PM
Last Post by Doctorcoinz

VDI normalization?

by Rudy
1,477 503/19/2009 02:23PM
Last Post by NamVetLesTreasureSeeker

What We Know So Far Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by steve herschbach
9,112 1803/19/2009 11:36AM
Last Post by lytle78

Ground Tracking   (Pages: 1 2)

by sumrtym
5,385 1903/19/2009 11:23AM
Last Post by Southwind

Thunder in the distance   (Pages: 1 2)

by nuggetbuster
3,984 1703/18/2009 11:14PM
Last Post by rbholt80

Size and Shape

by Jason in TN
997 403/18/2009 09:56PM
Last Post by Uncle Willy

DFX vs Vision ?

by Leny
2,465 1003/18/2009 06:38PM
Last Post by relichunter0719

New Jimmy Sierra Video (Whites VISION Spectra) URL

4,270 1003/18/2009 05:39PM
Last Post by jim in bklyn

Who ARE the engineers behind the Vision...

by sumrtym
1,170 503/18/2009 11:55AM
Last Post by Larry (IL)

Hey Larry Fillman

by BudP
816 303/18/2009 07:32AM
Last Post by Larry (IL)

Analyze Screen???

by mickfin
774 303/18/2009 06:54AM
Last Post by Carl-NC

Where is the vision in Whites Vision? Bluetooth is just to slow !

by wellbelove
2,939 1003/17/2009 06:21PM
Last Post by khouse

How long testing

by Daniel A.
1,801 903/17/2009 12:37AM
Last Post by Uncle Willy

How close can 2 visions get to each other

by blacktoe
1,327 803/17/2009 12:20AM
Last Post by Uncle Willy

Screen Protection

by Brett
2,167 1203/16/2009 10:33PM
Last Post by ISLANDJOE

analyze screen   (Pages: 1 2)

by on-edge
4,811 2303/16/2009 10:05PM
Last Post by Larry (IL)

Projected price of Vision?

by Reggie
2,156 603/16/2009 09:04PM
Last Post by John - Maryland

DFX Coils

by JBE_Iowa
594 203/16/2009 07:25PM
Last Post by Larry (IL)

If you're in mixed mode how does the iron show up on the

by Keith Southern
712 203/16/2009 06:58PM
Last Post by Larry (IL)

Ground Filters......for advanced users

by Larry (IL)
1,077 403/16/2009 06:45PM
Last Post by Larry (IL)

Some new pictures Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by Larry (IL)
6,359 2203/16/2009 06:34PM
Last Post by Brett

Question for White's on Availablility

by Folsom Don
1,583 603/16/2009 06:05PM
Last Post by shwebb

Depth Descrimination?

by Brett
1,020 303/16/2009 05:23PM
Last Post by Brett

Summer in 3 months - got a waterproof version coming ???N/T

by GraveDiggerMax-VaBch-Va
896 403/16/2009 10:56AM
Last Post by GraveDiggerMax-VaBch-Va

Does any one have one of these that they could post a video with some air test yet?

by Jason in TN
796 303/16/2009 10:35AM
Last Post by Jason in TN


1,096 403/16/2009 09:24AM
Last Post by Brett

Will it hunt in the trigger forward position? Or will it use too much energy and deplete the batteries?N/T

by khouse
1,135 403/16/2009 09:22AM
Last Post by Brett