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AnnouncementUpdate on what any of you that want to help John Tracy (JMT Detectors) on the tragic loss of his wife. Him and his kids need help.04/25/2018 04:31PM
AnnouncementWe are adding SSL to Find's and you will have to remember your password and may have to add an "s" after the http on the address.01/13/2018 11:03PM
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Garrett Gizmo   (Pages: 1 2)

by snoop & scoop
4,767 1603/03/2011 07:27PM
Last Post by Clyde(La.)

Been away for awhile Jpeg Attachments

by Old Katz
479 303/03/2011 06:55PM
Last Post by INCH

Anyone mfr'ing a good straight shaft yet ?

by Terry(Mi)
1,144 303/03/2011 02:01PM
Last Post by Terry(Mi)

AT Pro and headphones

by gambler13
1,045 603/03/2011 11:49AM
Last Post by Coyote65

I called garrett today.....

by JOE in MD
3,569 1503/03/2011 07:45AM
Last Post by BobbyBridge

Had to run it down:blink:

by rog007
630 403/02/2011 09:42PM
Last Post by D&P-OR

Out with the AT PRO...First Gold!! Video Attachments

by snide
2,347 1203/02/2011 06:44PM
Last Post by JOE in MD

:surprised:Whatever The Garrett Engineers Built Into That AT Pro Combined With The 15 kHz Sure Turned It Into A Gold Magnet Machine :drool: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
1,789 703/02/2011 05:58PM
Last Post by snide

How does the AT Pro do pulling out nickels?

by bugg
5,542 1203/02/2011 05:19PM
Last Post by NJgeoman

:nerd:If You Know the Weight And K (carat) Of Your Gold, Silver & Platinum, Here's An Easy Way To Find Out Exactly What It Is Worth At Today's Prices :nerd: Jpeg Attachments URL

by John-Edmonton
1,276 203/02/2011 04:18PM
Last Post by Jason in TN

AT Pro International Falsing?

by OldCrusty
2,809 903/02/2011 12:37PM
Last Post by ikspeel

:twodetecting:And The Proof Is In The "GOLD" Pudding Here's Gold Finds And Comments, And That's From Only Findmall :thumbup: :twodetecting: Jpeg Attachments URL

by John-Edmonton
352 103/02/2011 10:13AM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

Low-Boy go to the Fisher forum

by Donna(NJ
491 203/02/2011 10:00AM
Last Post by Low-Boy/LCPM

AT Depth Again

by Caprock_1964
7,049 1403/02/2011 08:53AM
Last Post by marmota.monax

Man Alive it's #5 Jpeg Attachments

by snoop & scoop
2,607 903/02/2011 08:14AM
Last Post by metalhead

ground balancing an AT Pro

by Caretaker me
1,780 303/02/2011 08:10AM
Last Post by metalhead

gold hits new record

by garrettlover
489 203/02/2011 08:08AM
Last Post by metalhead

:detecting:AT Pro Coil Comparison Graph Using 8.5" x 11" DD Standard vs. 9" x 12" Optional Concentric Coil:detecting: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
2,840 803/02/2011 08:05AM
Last Post by metalhead

Who uses a coil cover out there ?

by Terry in PA
2,887 1203/02/2011 07:58AM
Last Post by metalhead

A first for me on first hunt with AT Pro!:garrett::detecting: Jpeg Attachments

by metalhead
2,247 1103/02/2011 07:39AM
Last Post by metalhead

A Metal Detecting Game.....Can You Find All The Targets Using This Garrett Detector?:starwars: Jpeg Attachments Flash Video Attachments

by John-Edmonton
797 403/02/2011 05:13AM
Last Post by DirtSurgeon

Here tomorrow:clapping:

by rog007
357 203/01/2011 07:40PM
Last Post by Big Boys Hobbies

What no.s would be mineralized soil??

by Mr. Beard
1,052 503/01/2011 04:04PM
Last Post by Monte

What do you guys like to see in videos?

by Bill_S
5,060 1303/01/2011 06:51AM
Last Post by Bill_S

Well got the sniper coil this morning and it's Like Jim no depth but I believe I know why

by Keith Southern
2,894 1403/01/2011 06:43AM
Last Post by synthnut

A couple new AT Pro videos Video Attachments

by Bill_S
2,054 802/28/2011 09:53PM
Last Post by lasergod

Yesterday My 3 Month Post-Prostatectomy PSA Was Undetectable :smile: Guys, Get Your Prostate Checked Before It "Checks" You. :stretcher: Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by John-Edmonton
3,200 2402/28/2011 09:13PM
Last Post by Joel-Winnipeg

Non AT Pro user Question...

by darrenb
1,328 402/28/2011 02:06PM
Last Post by Caretaker me

I just can't get the hang of it

by Caretaker me
1,966 1202/28/2011 01:57PM
Last Post by Caretaker me

Got my AT Pro back from Garrett and got the sniper too. Done a quick video. Video Attachments

by Bill_S
2,378 1102/28/2011 01:43PM
Last Post by khouse