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Today's Finds Forum

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We restrict the size of pictures for an obvious reason. What are the free software's out there you guys use to optimize the pictures with? Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by Guvner
67,266 5606/20/2018 04:29AM
Last Post by PRICEO

Links to UTube

by Mr.Bill
17,200 105/16/2015 07:30AM
Last Post by Mr.Bill

"NOTICE" - Please keep this forum on topic. THE FORUM WAS SET UP SO ONE COULD DISPLAY THEIR FINDS. - It's NOT to be asking for INFORMATION, ID'ing items, or looking to purchase. A photo is a must for original first post of a thread. :shrug:

by Mr.Bill
101,752 103/25/2013 06:02AM
Last Post by Mr.Bill

Birthday hunt Jpeg Attachments URL

by JoeVal
99 210/15/2018 07:44AM
Last Post by ohio fred

Very nice "Wheatie." Png Attachments

by JoeVal
514 810/14/2018 07:57AM
Last Post by Mcdetect

City park Sunday Image Attachments

by JoeVal
612 810/13/2018 07:48PM
Last Post by Gamma_Joe

It was a dark, grey day but there was a silver lining in it Jpeg Attachments

by earthlypotluck
889 1310/13/2018 07:17PM
Last Post by earthlypotluck

First year Indian cent and 3 silvers today Jpeg Attachments URL

by buster53809
456 1010/13/2018 07:08PM
Last Post by earthlypotluck

A visitor from Spain... Png Attachments URL

by JoeVal
169 410/13/2018 10:21AM
Last Post by GeorgeinSC

Early morning beach silver Jpeg Attachments

by Rousseau84
314 510/12/2018 03:16PM
Last Post by Rousseau84

New toy and unusual find Image Attachments

by JoeVal
274 410/11/2018 04:47PM
Last Post by nam1969

Tejon At Pro Prediction. Also awesome surface find Jpeg Attachments

by DTG
563 610/11/2018 04:41PM
Last Post by nam1969

First Buffalo nickel! Image Attachments

by JoeVal
194 510/11/2018 04:38PM
Last Post by nam1969

Quarter cut 8 Reales coin Jpeg Attachments

by budster
338 810/11/2018 11:54AM
Last Post by sniffitout
This topic has been moved.


by sunraysux
   This topic has been moved.

First Silver Ring! Image Attachments

by JoeVal
153 310/10/2018 08:50PM
Last Post by ohio fred

Finally found my first silver!! Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by Rob35
644 1710/10/2018 05:34AM
Last Post by E-Trac-Ohio

Sunday hunt with Ohio Fred Image Attachments

by JoeVal
227 210/09/2018 03:49PM
Last Post by ohio fred

The kind of find I live for Jpeg Attachments

by BullSon
1,113 1110/09/2018 01:47PM
Last Post by TinCanBeach

Last Weeks Gold--Lots of 10K. Jpeg Attachments

by cjc
1,207 1010/06/2018 10:09PM
Last Post by Foreverteachable

Sunday & Monday finds Jpeg Attachments URL

by JoeVal
771 1210/06/2018 10:07PM
Last Post by Foreverteachable

Hunting with different coil Jpeg Attachments URL

by JoeVal
308 610/04/2018 06:22PM
Last Post by Confetrit

Another hunt with Ohio Fred Jpeg Attachments

by JoeVal
318 309/28/2018 07:57PM
Last Post by ohio fred
This topic has been moved.

Coin ID?? Jpeg Attachments

by Mkus
   This topic has been moved.

US origin Oversea Finds Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Valik
10,306 3609/28/2018 09:58AM
Last Post by Valik

Hunting after hunting Jpeg Attachments

by JoeVal
314 309/28/2018 08:32AM
Last Post by doc holiday232

Hunted a skate park today...I’m officially a detector! Jpeg Attachments URL

by JoeVal
393 309/25/2018 06:06PM
Last Post by ohio fred

My bucket list got a little smaller literally 1835 half dime! Image Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by Mkus
2,340 2709/25/2018 11:59AM
Last Post by Mkus
This topic has been moved.

You can retire with one hunt:yikes: Jpeg Attachments

by C.J.M.
   This topic has been moved.
This topic has been moved.

After Hurricane Florence...

by Doc Holliday
   This topic has been moved.

It was nice to detect for the first time in a while. Jpeg Attachments

by Foreverteachable
398 609/24/2018 01:53PM
Last Post by nam1969

How did everyone miss it? The E800 sniffed it out like a bloodhound :rofl: Image Attachments

by earthlypotluck
1,488 1109/24/2018 11:33AM
Last Post by Foreverteachable

More PCB Finds Jpeg Attachments

by hotrodzincoln
385 409/24/2018 11:30AM
Last Post by Foreverteachable